WIN Compilation March 2018

Positive aspect of February: You get to see a new WIN Compilation earlier than usual. Negative aspect of February: It is so short, that we got way less videos than usual. But this way we could give all these 37 little pieces of beauty the space, they deserve. Do you like it, when the clips are a little longer or do you like them short and crispy, like good french fries? Keep feedback coming in the comments! And also those subs – 50K goal is within sight, we got the 42k-mark – you guys rock!!

Enjoy & share!

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Originals can be found here:

01. Bei Olympia feiert auch eine handverlesene “Armee der Schönheiten” von Nordkoreas Machthaber Kim Jong Un im Stadion. (via)
02. Edinburgh.The Royal Mile (via)
03. Curling event with vacuum robot and broom – 984342
04. My crazy kid jumping on his buddy’s ice covered trampoline (via)
05. SWING – Breakthrough of Cologne’s Furniture Fair 2018! (via)
06. A new skill to take up while you’re pregnant 😂
07. 42,000 Match Sphere Gets Lit
08. Astrée – 3 Million Dots – Speed Drawing (via)
09. Making an Original Star Wars High Chair (via)
10. Jake Cody Gambles £42K on Roulette SPin (via)
12. Elderly man making sure his dog won’t get wet (via)
13. Twin Brothers Make Twin Marriage Proposals to Twin Sisters
14. Ouch!!! A CANDLE Rubik’s Cube – Turning while burning – Functional wax 3x3x3 puzzle (via)
15. Only in Canada Herd of deer obeys stop sign (via)
16. SnowBlower – Lego Technic 42070 6×6 All Terrain Tow Truck (via)
17. GRiD : Transforming public spaces with collaborative play (via)
18. I have not yet made a satisfactory mechanism to lift the pen at certain intervals. So I’m helping it out. (via)
19. The Teslonda in action – Tesla powered Honda Accord (via)
20. 31 Tricks for a 31 Year Old (via)
21. This is outrageous and it deserves a place at the 2022 Winter Games (via)
22. Baby goat making the cutest noise (via)
23. best pirate i’ve ever seen (via)
24. Zero f*cks given (via)
25. Captured a crow sharing its bread with a little mouse 😀 (via)
26. Clever Costume Contest Winner || ViralHog (via)
27. Cute Puppy vs. Orange: Cute Puppy Dogs Potpie & Maymo (via)
28. Hey Buddy, Can You Give Me a Hand? (via)
29. Sharing is caring 😂😂 (via)
30. The best use of a belly 😂😂 (via)
31. The perfect Valentine’s date 😍❤️ (via)
32. Manchmal muss man auch als Ref ein Auge zudrücken! 😂😊👍 (via)
33. Simple shack’s door leads to paradise – 983619 (via)
34. Spiderman dancing “Take on me” by A-Ha | DJ IVAN DAVIS (via)
35. This mama cat playing with her kitten is the cutest thing! 😍 (via)
36. Tesla Truck
37. Guy blasting cops theme song out the window (via)

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