WIN Compilation November 2018

We’re a little anxious. Not because of Halloween, but because of our New Year’s resolution. In January we set the goal of 50K subscribers – right now we are at 48,380 with just two videos left this year (except maybe a little “best of”, if you wish…?). We can still do it, but we need your help! Please tell your friends of our humble compilations, so we can crush this number to pieces!

For motivation and as amends for the last issue that had to be shorter and being uploaded later than usual due to vacation, we now are as punctual as our German roots allow by publishing so early, this video is online on the first of the month EVERYWHERE in the world! And with it’s over 12 minutes and 54 used clips it is also one of the longest we ever had on this channel.

Enjoy & share!

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Curated by wihel and

Originals can be found here:

01. Little Freddie Mercury Fan Belts Out Bohemian Rhapsody Melody (via)
02. Sale! (via)
03. Ketchup Efficiency (via)
04. The Happiest Delivery Man (via)
05. Glithero’s interactive lamp is illuminated by a toppling row of dominoes (via)
06. Too Many Zooz – Car Alarm (Official Video) (via)
07. The building isn’t moving. 🤯 (via)
08. Drone crashes into the water, getting a stunning view of the lake bed. (via)
09. Ghostly Grimpoteuthis Octopus Glides By ROV Hercules | Nautilus Live (via)
10. Harriet the Singing Donkey ‘Serenades’ Passerby (via)
11. ORIGAMI BUTTERFLY BALL (Kenneth Kawamura) – Remake (via)
12. Polizist Tanzt (via)
13. Using my Flute to attract the raccoons in my neighborhood to join my world of Warcraft clan (via)
14. #hanggliding a few steps and you in dreamland 🌈 (via)
15. 🐕 Das ist Kirk, ein drei Jahre alter Border Collie aus Kalifornien. (via)
16. Don’t Stop Believin’ on Boomwhackers (via)
17. SIR PARCIVAL AND DINDRANE. HOLY GRAIL STORY. Not finished yet, but soooon… (via)
18. I Made A Pumpkin Hovercraft (via)
19. 90 year old man triple jump (via)
20. Foo Fighters cover Enter Sandman w/ 10 year old LIVE KC (via)
21. Light Duel (via)
22. Cat Gets Carted Around By Dog Friends || ViralHog (via)
23. Let’s Play – Super Mario Bros. LIVE w/FULL ORCHESTRA! (ep.1) (via)
24. System Of A Dog (via)
25. Vortex LEGO Candy Launcher (via)
26. Mad Max Meets Surf: A First Look At Surf Lakes Wave Pool Australia (via)
27. It’s only day 1 and I have declared Vienna to be the purest city in the world (via)
28. Driving a Tesla via Apple Watch using Siri Shortcuts on the Remote S app (via)
29. “Harry Potter” Homecoming Assembly (via)
30. BeAlive – Leaf Skiing in Southern France (via)
31. drive by bear toast (via)
32. Space X Falcon 9 Timelapse Above Downtown Los Angeles in 4K – October 7th 2018 (via)
33. Best of Michael Jackson Halloween Light Show 2018 (via)
34. Car Horns Play Carol The Bells || ViralHog (via)
35. dog running on hind legs – 1006916 (via)
36. Crazy falafel skills!!! Long time falafel store owner knows how to serve up in STYLE!! (via)
37. Incredible Straw Beatboxer || ViralHog (via)
38. “Stella’s home! I can’t wait for my girl to run directly into my arms like she always do—oh, right… that.” (via)
39. An Espresso shot in slow motion. (via)
40. OSU Marching Band Backpack Kid Dance (via)
41. Crushed Car Drives Down The Street
42. Parkour Atlas (via)
43. Falta llençada per @luissuarez9 i que fa @marcelo_brozovic ? 😱 (via)
44. Man Entertains Dog On Roundabout In Park
45. Pilot nails sideways landing in 40-knot crosswinds at Bristol Airport
46. Penalty + Flip = Amazing Goal [Норик Авдалян/Norik Avdalyan] (via)
47. Precise Hopping with Salto-1P (via)
48. Squirrel eating snickers (via)
49. Plane Flies Too Close To Buildings – 1007825
50. 12 iPhones ausm Greifautomaten holen (via)
51. The Smoothest Moonwalk ever | *Video went Viral* (via)
52. Effektive Taubenfalle (via)
53. 魔法の力に見えるワイヤレス充電器をつくりました #6秒商店 (via)
54. UpTown Spot (via)

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