WIN Compilation September 2018

You know us. We are normally very humble when it comes to superlatives. But this time, we have to shout it out proudly into the world: We believe, this is by far the very best WIN Compilation we have published in all time of September 2018! Maybe even this summer. Take it in deeply, our next issue is going to be delayed by a few days and go online on October 3rd or even 4th, we’ll see.

Enjoy & share!

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Originals can be found here:

01. I can’t even imagine how high these guys were when they created this masterpiece
02. England v Mexico – FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup France 2018 – Match 20 (via)
03. There’s Waldo is a robot that finds Waldo (via)
04. Revving My Husky || ViralHog (via)
05. Seal Meets Butterfly (via)
06. Sick play by Wayne Rooney!!! DC United win in stoppage time!
07. Wenn die Hochzeitsfeier begonnen hat aber das Dach noch genagelt werden muss! 😂 (via)
08. The Amazing Life-size LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron that DRIVES! (via)
09. Tortoise using catflap – 1001059 (via)
10. What a Rally! (via)
11. Amazing Transformation of the drinking straw (via)
12. How to Build Super Mario Style Maze for Rat (via)
13. Griftpark skatepool vandaag de dag. (via)
14. Sheep Loves to Bounce on Trampoline – 998521 (via)
15. Sydney Guitar Festival Highway to Hell World Record (via)
16. Keeping A Ball Bouncing With 4 Mics (via)
17. Graz Makes: The Wu-Tang Pizza Cutter (out of Jimmy Diresta’s old table saw blade) (via)
18. Drivers stunned as moose walks down the road next to them (via)
19. LEGO Technic Theme Park Thrill Ride [TC14] (MOC 4K) (via)
20. 🌷I’m not a very graceful person, so I learn graceful juggling tricks to make up for it 🤣 (via)
21. Flying 3 Wheeled Car || ViralHog (via)
22. Rock Skip Robot- The SCIENCE of PERFECT ROCK SKIPPING (via)
23. SmartBook (m) (via)
24. มีสไลด์เท้าด้วย เล่นกันน่ารักดี 555+ (via)
25. 【掴んで回す手持ち食洗機「くるさらウォッシュ」】使い方 −サンコーレアモノショップ公式チャンネル− (via)
26. Crazy Cranford Cowboy rides a homemade battery-powered horse (via)
27. Lego Motor Lifts a Rock (88kg/195lb) (via)
28. 5 Ball Endurance – IJA 2018
29. 2018 제주 한마당 Jeju World Taekwondo Hanmadang,Opening Ceremony,Kukkiwon Demonstration Team 국기원,国技院 (via)
30. 2018World Final 1A 01 Evan Nagao
31. Bogenschießen mal anders (via)
32. Amazing Surfboard Switch Trick in a Pool (via)
33. Was für ein Wurf! (via)
34. Bird Taking Off at 20,000 fps (213 milliseconds) (via)
35. When they switch your pay from hourly to piece work (reddit) (via)
36. Cross Country Skier LEGO Kinetic Sculpture (via)
37. Firecrackers made from balloon (via)
38. Grandma Rides In Back Of Pick-up Truck On Wheelchair (via)
39. Grandpa’s Got Game || ViralHog (via)
40. JENKEM – Matt Tomasello AKA “Rodney Mullen on Bath Salts” (via)
41. Dog doesn’t let its cat friend get in a fight (via)
42. Liszt – La Campanella (100,000 special)
43. Shoe Tying Robot (via)
44. The proper way to use the Can Opener! You have been using the can opener all wrong! (via)
45. This guy’s moves are absolutely unreal 😱🔥 (via)
46. Zungenspiel #2 (via)
47. World’s First Flat Ground Double Backflip (via)
48. World’s Youngest to Backflip a Bike- Brody Ervin (Age 6) (via)
49. The first Tennis Tournament at the ISS (via)
50. how to reduce the volume of doggie barking (via)
51. Chicken Wedding (via)

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