Fail Compilation April 2018

Sad but true: fails get more clicks than wins. So from now on, we will stop making WIN videos and deliver you high class FAIL Compilations every month! This way, we should get the 50K subscribers a lot faster. Yes, this first video is a little shorter than they used to and we had to implement some older clips as we have to get used to this new procedure. Nevertheless we hope you like our new approach and video? 🙂

One stays the same: Enjoy & share!

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Curated by wihel &

Originals can be found here:

01. Touch at Your Own Risk
02. Worst miss of the year ?! Champions league / Gintra – Barcelona
03. Have you ever seen an angry unicorn ?
04. Cat Doesn’t Care || ViralHog
05. Swanage ice
06. Woody, You Got the Time?
07. Bear and Man Spook Each Other
08. Guy Attempts to Empty Wetsuit Full of Water – 984645
09. Dog can’t get stick across bridge – 978396
10. Every. Damn. Time.
11. One of the greatest videos of all time 😂😂
12. What is he doing? | 2
13. Siberian Husky puppy gets a wet Surprise.
14. Passarinho ladrão rouba e sai voando
15. Toddler Disposes Toys Through Cat Flap
16. Cat Wants Fish Under Ice – 951769
18. Mohammed Anas thanks ‘wife and girlfriend’ (full interview)
19. Cat jumps into lake after guy sneezes
20. Iowa Cow Eats Family’s Mail – Better Quality
21. Moving Wardrobe Shortcut || ViralHog
22. Dog Fails to Fit Large Ball Through Doggy Door – 984797
23. PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games – Robot Skiing! ロボット
24. The Little Truck that Couldn’t || ViralHog
25. When you and your mates go snow boarding for the first time.
26. Icy Uphill Battle || ViralHog

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