WIN Compilation July 2018

Half way there! At the beginning of 2018 we made our own New Year’s resolution to hit those 50K subscribers. Half a year later we went from just under 40K to 44,956 at the moment – so we’re still on target. Help us reach this goal by liking, commenting and sharing our videos (and subscribing yourself, d’uh!). Very much appreachiated, lots of love and here you have 54 awesome videos from last month in over ten minutes pure entertainment!

Enjoy & share!

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Curated by wihel and

Originals can be found here:

01. A Cappella THX Logo Theme (via)
02. DIY Giant 122 inches Flying Paper Airplane (via)
03. Dancing Dog Gets Haircut – to Ducktales Intro (via)
04. Play Human-Sized Ping Pong At This Arcade In Hong Kong (via)
05. Beatboxing in real time (long version) (via)
06. Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: 1000 Shot NERF Blaster! (via)
07. Behind The Scenes Of TIME’s Drones Cover | TIME (via)
08. Daft Lego – Harder Better Faster Stronger (via)
09. Guy Makes Waves in Inflatable Pool Using Intertube – 990811 (via)
10. Gato Gol de Colombia (via)
11. Doctor Distracts Baby From Shots With Goofy Song – 991775 (via)
12. Defqon.1 2018 | POWER HOUR | Left, right (via)
13. Multi-talented reporter delivers weather forecast while solving a Rubik’s Cube (via)
14. GoPro Skate: Follow Cam Dog in 4K (via)
15. We Made the World’s Largest Bath Bomb!
16. 『Hit Like A Girl Contest 2018』Good Times Bad Times – LED ZEPPELIN / Cover by Yoyoka
17. DragonFireFighter side (東北大学田所研究室 提供 (via)
18. Little Girl and Giant Bunny Have a Meal Together – 989990 (via)
19. Stunning Cloud Formation Rolls In || ViralHog (via)
20. Demonstrations of DARPA’s Ground X-Vehicle Technologies (via)
21. Dog Lets Owner Back In After She Was Locked Out (via)
22. Adam Savage Builds a Onewheel Electric Skateboard! (via)
24. Lego Garden Machine – MOC (via)
25. Happiness (via)
26. 1377 Falling Pallets Sound like a FREIGHT TRAIN! (via)
27. Amazing Pool Trickshots Using Broom (via)
28. Tonja Kroos (via)
29. Beat Boxing with My Bird || ViralHog (via)
30. Cat Freaks out After Owner Disappears – 992885 (via)
31. Crazy ping-pong shot goes around the net (via)
32. Creeped out when this “Missing cat” poster turned his head as I walked by (via)
33. Drop it (via)
34. What a true fan. Tag a slab shot fan below👇🏼🤙🏼 #GMgolf #SCtop10 (via)
35. Guy Wakeboards with Table – 990261 (via)
36. How to Transport a Horse with a Motorcycle || ViralHog (via)
37. Juan Miguel Echevarría Jumps 8.83 To Win Men’s Long Jump – IAAF Diamond League Stockholm 2018 (via)
38. Kid in Taipei playing Classical Gas on Ukulele (via)
39. EPIC Drone save over water. Close save (via)
40. Insane Lifelike Character Chopper – Extended Version || ViralHog (via)
41. Finally, completely hands-free lenses! (via)
42. Koa Smith Skeleton Bay 2018: 1 wave, 8 Barrels (via)
43. Dan Mancina is a blind skateboarder & a huge inspiration. 💪 (via)
44. Parrot Knocks Down Toy Bowling Pins With Plastic Ball – 989699 (via)
45. Raccoon Climbs Bird Feeder – 992121 (via)
46. Rambo Fan (via)
47. Running Flip Over Four People (via)
48. Rory McIlroy’s squirrel encounter at Travelers 2018 (via)
49. Special Delivery || ViralHog (via)
50. Splitting 200 CDs with Hydraulic Press | in 4K! (via)
51. The silent bike, the stealth Pedestrian and the cool bus driver (via)
52. Truck with Two Front Ends || ViralHog (via)
53. Two Vortex Rings Colliding in SLOW MOTION – Smarter Every Day 195 (via)
54. Chopin on Piano for Romsai the Elephant (via)

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