WIN Compilation June 2018

Since you had some criticism about our last video, we put a lot of energy against German heat waves, royal weddings and all odds to make a good June edition for you. We hope you like it?

Enjoy & share!

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Curated by wihel and

Originals can be found here:

01. I couldn’t pass up this opportunity (via)
02. Dude Perfect on a Budget | 2-D Trick Shots (via)
03. Verdens hurtigste makulator – GDPR Compliant shredder (via)
04. Chimpanzee Ball Pit Adventure! (via)
05. Supermoto Trailer Jump – Real Life GTA (via)
06. Parrot Talks to Virtual Assistant – 989278 (via)
07. Anamorphix | Truly Urban artists | Fenix (via)
08. Giant Darts Battle | Dude Perfect
09. Imitation makeup Mona Lisa (via)
11. Animal sounds on violin (via)
12. F1 2018 – Back To The Future (via)
13. I Filled My Swimming Pool with 10,000 Water Balloons!
14. Why It’s Almost Impossible to Juggle 15 Balls | WIRED (via)
15. Office Trickshot Compilation | Varelmann sucht Talente 2
16. Real Engine in a Barbie Car! (via)
17. The Coupled Pendulum (via)
18. Pilot Steps onto Moving Ship || ViralHog (via)
19. Rude interruption (via)
20. Little Kid Runs in Slow Motion During Baseball Game – 988585
21. LIghtSaber Theremin, Star Wars Musical Machine. (via)
22. How Many Toy Cars Does It Take To Pull A Real Car? (via)
23. Benny’s Spaceship Adventure, A Pinball Machine Made From LEGO (via)
24. bull terrier target dog finds newborn fawn in our backyard so cute (via)
25. We Made A TIRE Out Of Duct Tape (via)
26. I Made My Dog a Pit of 5400 Balls (via)
27. Dreams are forever (via)
28. DIY Coca Cola F1 Racing Car from Cans (via)
29. 魔法陣を空中に表示するスチームパンクガンを作ったった!(steampunk) (via)
30. INCREDIBLE! Crow tries to buy a train ticket from a machine (via)
31. 1,300 drone light up the sky of Xi’an, China (via)
32. “Run” Cats in Alley Viral Video. (via)
33. Ballerina’s incredible stretching warmup while doing a split – 988141 (via)
34. Benedetto Bufalino, La Ford/Fourd Mondeo à pizza, 2018, Résidence à 2 Angles à Flers, (via)
35. CHAIRPLANE! We made an IKEA chair fly! (via)
36. Dog Jumps Over High Wall – 989124
37. Getting some air, Atlas?
38. Wenn Katzen dein Haus bewachen… (via)
39. iPhone sound – Cat joke (via)
40. Lennox 2 year old drummer/percussionist plays Speak Life “I can” (via)
41. Marco Sanchez – Follow me on INSTAGRAM for more funny…_1074943219311181 (via)
42. Parrot Vibrates Frantically While Holding Plastic Cup – 989688 (via)
43. Rubik’s Cube World Record – 4.22 seconds (via)
44. Cats with a Roomba (via)
45. Teen Shows Off Incredible Pool Trickshots (via)
46. Parrots Clean up Trash || ViralHog (via)
47. Mäh… Mäh! MÄH… MÄHHÄHH!! (via)
48. This Pointing Arrow Illusion Will Seriously Mess With Your Brain (via)
49. Perfektioniert: Transformer Kids (via)
50. “Alexa, what’s 10 to the power of 308?”

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