WIN Compilation October 2018

Due to Maik ( being on vacation for the bold duration of nearly 3 weeks this issue not only marks one of the latest ones being published in a month, it also has less videos combindes than usual. But we have 40 awesome clips and over 8 minutes of wonderful entertainment for you after all. Hope you like it. 🙂

Enjoy & share!

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Curated by wihel and

Originals can be found here:

01. Trombone section suicide routine (via)
02. in the deer 2nite (via)
03. 8 bit scroll cosplay || Viral Video UK (via)
04. No Jumper Cables, No Problem || ViralHog (via)
05. Cow plays fetch – 1005400 (via)
07. #UrsFischerPLAY: Conceived by Urs Fischer with choreography by Madeline Hollander (via)
08. Kiko is getting into the Halloween spirit. – 1005044 (via)
10. 89 year old man deadlifts 405 for reps (via)
11. Baby owl runs to owner when called (via)
12. Live performance at the Louvre Museum Paris (VR painting Tilt Brush) (via)
14. T-Rex rides a Hydrofoil (via)
15. brodiepawson – BoI7_Lzl3xu (via)
16. buggy climbs up cliff – 1003751
17. Christoph Koch – Spider Man Exists! Copyrights (via)
18. Cliff Diving Airplane || ViralHog (via)
19. cockatiel playing peekaboo (via)
20. Cute Baby Girl Laughs Like A Chipmunk (via)
21. GOAL: Zlatan Ibrahimovic scores his 500th career goal in stunning fashion (via)
22. Grandma’s bottle flip (via)
23. “Video |
24. Japan self pouring beer (via)
25. Der King am Greifautomat (via)
26. “if anyone asks, I was here the whole time” (via)
27. Longboard Line 2018 #7 – 994497-1
28. “Oldschool smart home” (via)
29. LEGO glockenspiel automaton (LUDWIG version) (via)
30. Male Super Final | Adidas Rockstars 2018
31. “Video |
Neulich im Fitnessstudio #3”
32. No Hands Hammer Flip Trick – 1002954 (via)
33. Redneck Rodeo on Bad Boy zero turn (via)
34. Self Solving Rubik’s Cube (via)
35. Summer On The Telephone (via)
36. Swamp Tour Captain Fearlessly Feeds Alligator – 1005634
37. Unfassbar: Ball bleibt bei Wurf nach Ablauf der Spielzeit am Pfosten kleben (via)
38. wafflesp2k – Bmt5mTfhSli (via)
39. Kazushige Masuda posted a video on his… – Kazushige Masuda_1663213787140224 (via)
40. Yikes… This Guy Showed Up To A Karaoke Bar To Sing ‘Tequila’ (via)

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