WIN Compilation January 2018

HAPPY 2018! Our New Year’s Resolution is to achieve the magic number of 50K subscribers – we can do that, right? For your effort of sharing and recommending and watching and upvoting our stuff, we present to you the color of the year: mild purple. And with it come 58 awesome clips from the last weeks, woven into the best WIN Compilation the year 2018 has to offer you – at least until February comes along.

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01. Star Wars Theme covered by calculators (via)
02. レールが足りないので。 (via)
03. Analog dubstep! Using a fidget spinner to block the light going to a photoresistor (via)
04. How to Wrap a Gift in 10 Seconds & Decorate a Tree! | Joseph’s Machines (via)
05. Tesla Shows Off its Christmas Light Show (via)
06. Three peg – 978938-3 (via)
07. Rubik’s Cube made from real ICE !! (fully functional puzzle by Tony Fisher) (via)
08. December 24, 2017 (via)
09. Bird Imitates Zipper Noise – funny!! (via)
10. Energy saving auto dimming street lights (via)
11. Happy – Pharrell Williams (on 10 Different Musical Instruments Cover) (ft. Gunhild Carling) (via)
12. Mississippi Queen (2001 Ford Expedition Cover) (via)
13. Merry Christmas in Dominoes! 🎅🏻 (Christmas Card)
14. Spaghetti in a sweater (via)
15. Kookaburra laughing in slow motion. (via)
16. when you want to play guitar solos like the eagles but your russian parents made you learn piano (via)
17. Dance in Trinidad: Moko Jumbie On 9-Foot Stilts (via)
18. Disney Princess Hand Pies (via)
19. Magic themed hidden compartment coffee table. Wizard coffee table (via)
20. Darude – Sandstorm (Potato Cover) (via)
21. How to Make Flipbook Animation Machine at Home (via)
22. I Built a FULL SIZE Tie Fighter/Silencer
23. Nitromethane Jet Bottle – Looks Awesome in 4k Slow Motion – aka Whoosh Bottle (via)
24. How to make Electric Coffee Mixer // Concrete Mixer (via)
25. Dog Unwraps Puppy For Christmas Present (via)
26. SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Launch (via)
27. Star Wars Medley (via)
28. Making an Acid Etched Superconductor Ring with Obsidian Facets (via)
29. Moving Creates Vortices and Vortices Create Movement (via)
30. Truffle the dog experiences snow for the first time (via)
31. 5-a-side Scissor Kick (via)
32. A Ladder Fire Truck Is Driven Like A Boss! (via)
33. Alberto Brignoli GOAL VS Milan HD1080 03-12-2017 Benevento-Milan
34. B-Dash & Jaja Vankova | FrontRow | World of Dance Boston 2017 | #WODBOS17 (via)
35. Fancy little toy made by Mike’s Electric Stuff. (via)
36. Car Plays the Violin (via)
37. Cardistry – Virtuoso : RISE feat. the FW17 Virtuoso deck
38. Cat Steals Food From Table (via)
39. Cockatiel Ringtone (via)
40. Crazy board slide – 978742
41. This baby took her first steps for a FRNECH FRY and she’s literally my idol. (via)
42. How Does She Do That With Her Spine? 🤷🏼 Crazy Contortion, Aerial Ring & Hand Balancing w/Sofie Dossi (via)
43. Santa saves woman after fall – Good Samaritan ! (via)
44. Schutzfolie auf Handydisplay (via)
45. How to Take Out AT-ATs – EASY METHOD EXPLAINED!! (via)
46. Insane electric mobility scooter over 100km/h topspeed (via)
47. A Loyal Police Dog Does Pushups Alongside His Fellow Gulf Shores Police Department Officers (via)
48. Jenga Wizard – 980027 (via)
49. Little bird races to eat next to his doggie brothers – 978978 (via)
50. Redneck Shoots down his Christmas Tree (via)
51. Share and tag friends that 5 putt. (via)
53. South American Table Soccer || ViralHog (via)
54. His opportunity to be a rally driver finally came! ❄️🚙😂 (via)
55. The Cat Wants Candies – 978371 (via)
57. Thomas Train Stunts (via)
58. Carol of the Bells

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