WIN Compilation May 2018

Yesterday we had “Day of work” in Germany, which ironically is a holiday – so here we are on May 2nd with our new edition and hope you like it. You keep up the good work in viewing, liking, commenting and showing all your friends our videos, so we can achieve our 50K subs-goal – only 6K missing now!

Enjoy & share!

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Curated by wihel and

Originals can be found here:

01. #WiiChallenge (via)
02. Really bored at work (via)
03. How to move one eye on its own (via)
04. RockyByun Balancing -making a square with bottles on the shaking frame (via)
05. The Greatest Goat Kid PJ Party Ever! (via)
06. Can these robots build an Ikea chair? (via)
07. REGRETS – 2018. Same borders, different visions. (via)
08. Adorable Bulldog’s Simple Trick Makes Man Laugh Nonstop (via)
09. Persistence of Vision (POV) Shown Off in China (via)
10. A Million Times at Changi by Humans since 1982 (via)
11. Dutch church plays Avicii songs to pay a tribute (via)
12. Cats always find a way \ Разошлись (via)
13. Echtzeit-MRT-Film: Sprechen (via)
14. LEGO GBC Ball Counter (via)
15. GLOW Slime
16. Fortnite Tänze in Real Life | Gong Bao
17. World’s Largest Ice Carousel – Long Lake, Sinclair, ME, USA – April 7, 2018 (via)
18. Japan 350 km /h Độ chính xác gần như tuyệt đối ! (via)
19. It’s bubbly time (via)
20. Metallica-Master Of Puppets(Jazzy Version) (via)
21. Make America Rainbow Again! (via)
22. Great optical illusion. “Circle in the Circle” rotation. 錯視 (via)
23. Lego Rumba – MOC (via)
24. Micro chess / DIY (via)
25. “Virtual Insanity” Performed in Virtual Reality (Jamiroquai Cover) (via)
26. Star Wars Trench Run Kinetic Sculpture (via)
27. A man CATCHES a beer while in the AIR! (via)
28. Asian girl packed bearings with amazing speed (via)
29. Da Thomas og Daniel så et hull i snøen, tok de fram kameraet: – Sinnssykt! (via)
30. Dog Waiting for Food Frantically Chases Own Tail – 987426 (via)
31. So fängt man ein Bier! (via)
33. Funny Dancing Granny sweet dreams Eurythmics (via)
34. Getting unstuck (via)
35. Grocery Clerk Shows Cat Cuts of Meat at Deli Counter – 988028-2 (via)
36. Houston Rockets usher busts out incredible dance moves – Daily Mail (via)
37. Incredible Lego Clockwork Aquarium (via)
38. iPad Spirograph : LEGO Technic (via)
39. My work here is done 😂 (via)
40. Kids are Awesome: Ryuji Imai – The Next Bruce Lee! (via)
41. Is it lunch time yet? 😂🍕🍟🌮 (via)
42. Motorized Jet Ski || ViralHog (via)
43. the Nokia tune on accordion (via)
44. Jenga-Boss-Move (via)
46. Viral ! Cat Do Moonwalk like Michael Jackson in China !! (via)
47. Walk it like I talk it – Wocket in my pocket – Migos vs Dr Suess (via)

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