WIN Compilation: Rest of 2018

YOU DID IT! We cracked the mark of unbelievable 50,000 subscribers with our “December Edition” and therefore achieved our set New Year’s resolution a few weeks before the end of the year – you are the best! To celebrate this (and another global holiday thingy that is right now…) we have a little present for you.

As you might know, we try to only put clips in our compilations that emerged within the last weeks, so when we find epic content but it is too old, we won’t put it in. We want to stay fresh. Normally we do our “Best of” video of the year with the highlights of our clips and some new ones. For that we started to gather clips throughout the year that we could put in it as en extra. At the end of the year we got 25 of them and thought – why not make a special edition for you?

So here are all the awesome moments from incredible creators and people that we kinda missed putting in our regular WIN Compilations. In the holiday spirit we even let them run a little longer than usual. So sit back, relax and enjoy the show. HAPPY HOLIDAYS from Martin (WIHEL) and Maik (! Und viel Spaß mit unserem “Rest of”. 🙂

Enjoy & share!

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Curated by wihel and

Originals can be found here:

01. Smooth Criminal – Michael Jackson, arranged and played by Feng E, ukulele (via)
02. Similar to fireworks, but a lot cooler.’ Watch Intel’s effort to break drone record (via)
03. 8-year old WOWS with Harlem Globetrotters (via)
04. 149 Truck driver loses it (via)
05. BODYPAINTING ILLUSION – Ghost Chillin’ (via)
06. Camila Cabello – Havana ‘Calculator Cover’ (via)
07. can it run DOOM? (via)
08. Control Software for OpenDrop V3 Digital Microfluidics Platform (via)
09. ÇA TOURNE MAL … ou PAS !! – LE MANÈGE by Mad Cow (via)
10. EXTREMELY EXCITED Guy Tries a VR Racing Motion Simulator! (via)
11. I’m back. #GMgolf#ThroughTheLegs
12. Guinness world record Duo Vitalys (via)
13. Incredible precision with this access panel! Done by @masterplitka👈
14. Y’all Say NY Not The Best ? 🚊🔥🕺🏽 (via)
15. Dog takes the stair lift (via)
16. LEGO Piano (via)
17. Mr Bottle-Opener rides a rollercoaster (original version)
18. 😱BLIND SHOT😵 Practice makes perfect! 🚀Comment below how many tries you think this took, winners get a story shoutout!
19. Perpetual Flip Calendar (via)
20. Rough AF 3 – Jordie Lunn (via)
21. Squirrel “Came In Like a Wrecking Ball!” (via)
22. UNBELIEVABLE Aircraft Parallel Landing | San Francisco Plane Spotting
23. Unicycle on Vidraru Dam (via)
24. 屋根の雪を叩いて落としてみる!! (via)
25. Finger Fireworks 2|Gloving show by XTRAP Xros (via)

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