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WIN Compilation July 2017

Congratuliations – you managed the first half of 2017! As a little gift we present to you the best videos of the web in our new JULY Edition. 48 awesome clips in just under ten minutes. The best way to start the second half – enjoy & share!

WIN Compilation June 2017

The first days of summer lie behind us and we have 47 extra rays of sunshine for you! This nearly ten minutes of entertainment show the bestestest videoclips with win-character from the last month. Enjoy & share!

WIN Compilation May 2017

“Everything new makes May” is a saying we have in Germany. But surprise: We didn’t change a thing! We acutally got our numbers straight again and present you 49 (should have been 50, but we “lost” one… :/ ) awesome clips in epic 10 minutes of pure entertainment. Enjoy & share!

WIN Compilation April 2017

You wanted longer – we got you! In this longest WIN Compilation to date you get to see 64 awesome clips in just about eleven minutes. It doesn’t get any better than this. Well, at least until next month… Enjoy & share!

WIN Compilation March 2017

Short month, short compilation. This time we “only” got 46 videos in 1 for you, but we let them play a little longer than last month (we hear you!). So you get around eight and a half minutes of pure entertainment and awesomeness. Enjoy & share! Subscribe for monthly WIN! Curated by wihel.de & langweiledich.net […]

WIN Compilation February 2017

February already – where is the time?!? At least we safe you some of it with this super short WIN Compilation. But don’t be afraid, the 7:19 minutes of course have the same amount of awesomeness as always for you – with the best 50 videos of the last month turned into one. Enjoy & […]

WIN Compilation January 2017

Happy new year! We are back with a new edition, a fresh look and one “k” more than this rubbish Klan. 4K, folks! Okay, this might only make our new logo and a hand full clips be seen more beautiful and crispy, but that’s worth it, isn’t it? Enjoy & share! Subscribe for monthly WIN! […]

Best of Win-Compilation 2016

Merry christmas! As a gift from us to you and little aments in advance (the January edition will probably go live a few days later) we put together our favorite clips of the year. 82 videos, including the best of all 12 monthly issues and 6 new clips. Enjoy & share!

WIN Compilation December 2016

The last WIN Compilation of the year is here! This time we put together 53 splendid videos for you in just under nine-and-a-half minutes. This is the best way to relax before the big and hectic race for christmas presents and all the stuff that has to be done before the end of the year. […]

WIN Compilation November 2016

Yesterday we gave you a Halloween-style scare by NOT publishing our November edition. In some parts of Germany we had a holiday so we come around on the second this month – but the waiting was worth it! 58(!) new clips have been combined to amazing 10 minutes of entertainment. Enjoy & share!