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WIN Compilation April 2018

APRIL FOOLS! Our recently uploaded “FAIL Compilation” and a change to that format, ending the monthly WIN Compilations, of course was a little joke Martin and I made because of April the 1st. We are sorry if some of you had some hard feelings about it or even unsubscribed out of anger – but you […]

Fail Compilation April 2018

Sad but true: fails get more clicks than wins. So from now on, we will stop making WIN videos and deliver you high class FAIL Compilations every month! This way, we should get the 50K subscribers a lot faster. Yes, this first video is a little shorter than they used to and we had to […]

WIN Compilation March 2018

Positive aspect of February: You get to see a new WIN Compilation earlier than usual. Negative aspect of February: It is so short, that we got way less videos than usual. But this way we could give all these 37 little pieces of beauty the space, they deserve. Do you like it, when the clips […]

WIN Compilation February 2018

What a start of 2018! The first weeks were pretty damn great, video entertainment-like speaking. We gathered 60 awesome videos in just about 11 minutes for you! And also we broke the 40K subsriber mark – lots of love for that guys! Only about 9K left to reach our New Year’s resolution of 50K, yay! […]

WIN Compilation January 2018

HAPPY 2018! Our New Year’s Resolution is to achieve the magic number of 50K subscribers – we can do that, right? For your effort of sharing and recommending and watching and upvoting our stuff, we present to you the color of the year: mild purple. And with it come 58 awesome clips from the last […]

WIN Compilation Best of 2017

It’s present time! We give you the best of the 2017 WIN Compilation. 12 months in 12 minutes with 5 new and never here seen bonus clips (that we found a little too late to put them in our actual editions…). Perfect for your family evening program or the upcoming change-of-year-party. Have a wonderful christmas […]

WIN Compilation December 2017

Ho-ho-ho! Winter is coming and as an early present we got you the final WIN Compilation of the year. The 49 best videos from the last months in just about 9 minutes – isn’t this the best first door an advent calendar could possibly have?! Enjoy & share!

WIN Compilation November 2017

60! As our special late Halloween candy we present to you a beautiful montage of sixty awesome clips ins just about eleven minutes. Feast on this, our little monsters. (And can you find the little video we missed to scale? 😉 ) Enjoy & share!

WIN Compilation October 2017

As the nights get longer our monthly compilation does as well. For the October Edition we got 54 clips with just about eleven minutes of pure entertainment for you! That is even longer than Twitter messages will be… 😉 Enjoy & share!

WIN Compilation September 2017

In Germany we get to enjoy the last days of summer (or what was meant to be summer). To celebrate this, we put together the 53 best clips of the last weeks for this month’s edition, resulting in 9:50 minutes of shining awesomeness. In because of some of you arguing, when we decide to skip […]