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Win-Compilation Rest of 2019

As you hopefully know, we seek to only use new videos for our mothly compilations. Throughout the year several times we find worthy WIN material but don’t use it because it is “too old”. But for this case we have our lovely little “Rest of” out of order! With this we can catch up on […]

Win-Compilation December 2019

“I’t the most wonderful time of the year” again… These days, when new “WIN Compilation” videos go online! This time we’re a little shorter in duration but nevertheless October had some real gems in store. For the last regular of our videos this year we got 52 clips for you that make a full 9:29 […]

Win-Compilation November 2019

Happy Halloween! 🎃 If you want to get featured in our next edition support us on Patreon. Our top Patrons get mentioned at the beginning of the video and by now you really just need to give anything to get on that list. And additionally you get to watch the new WIN Compilations before everyone […]

Win-Compilation October 2019

Autumn is approaching fast but we have some late-summerly feelings in store for you. 59 awesome clips from last month make our new October Edition. Over 12 minutes of high quality entertainment – we hope you like it? Is so, feel free to like and share the video, subscribe to our channel and/or become a […]

Win-Compilation September 2019

This month was a piece of work. We both, Martin and Maik, are on holiday right now and had to pre-schedule everything for this release, so maybe there are a few awesome clips we missed during the last day because of surfing and eating and relaxing – sorry. But as if this wouldn’t be enough […]

Win-Compilation August 2019

Last month we had record breaking heat waves in Germany with up to 42,6 degress celsius (with this as a fever you’d probably die, should be something around 7 trillion Fahrenheit…). Nevertheless we swam through the seas of sweat to gather astounishing 62 awesome videos to get you a longer compilation than last time. And […]

WIN Compilation July 2019

Wow! We’re still in surprise of how well our last compilation was received by you. Amazing! Thanks for over a million(!) views (no “normal” non-best of-video of us has ever gotten that many) and a sudden rise in subscribers (hello to you newbies!) – we cracked the 70K mark! \o/ We really wanted to go […]

WIN Compilation June 2019

Summer arrived in Germany and after months of complaining about how cold it is we now finally are able to complain about it being too hot – yay! Speaking of “hot”: Here we have the hottest 58 clips of the last month packed into one gorgeous compilation of over 11 minutes length. Hope you like […]

WIN Compilation May 2019

May makes everything new – except for us not publishing the edition in the first of the month, due to a national holiday in Germany (“Day of work” – so we don’t work!). But here we are! Also: you wanted longer, you get longer. After the last two shorter editions we were digging a little […]

WIN Compilation April 2019

We are truly sorry to inform you, that this year we didn’t get around doing an April Fool’s joke on you. Actually, the recent one last year had been taken a lot more serious than anticipated, so we wanted to spare you the disappointment and just get to it! This time we got the best […]