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WIN Compilation October 2016

Because of the German Reunion holiday the October Edition is published today (we had to drink beer and eat bratwurst 🙂 ). But here you go – your dose of awesomeness has arrived! 47 new clips in just about eight and a half minutes. Enjoy & share!

WIN Compilation September 2016

Win against silly season. The last days of summer are here and we welcome it with our September Edition of the WIN Compilation. That means 46 fresh clips for you that brighten days, enable smiles and probably cure cancer. Or at least two of these things… Enjoy & share!

WIN Compilation July 2016

Crazyness ahead! Instead of summer recess we present you a new record – 69(!) clips in just exaxtly 10 minutes. Can you handle this absurdly high frequency of WIN? Give it a try. Enjoy & share!

WIN Compilation June 2016

Happy new month! As a celebration ceremony to welcome big ol’ JUNE, we put together a compilation of the 49 best clips from the last month. As always we (and the gods of summer!) are very pleased, when you like, share and/or comment the sh*t out of this video. Enjoy & share!

WIN Compilation May 2016

May this video bring you entertainment, enjoyment and a third “ment” you feel free to define. The “WIN Compilation” ist back with astonishing 56(!) videos in one. In under nine minutes you get to see the best of the last month – enjoy & share!

WIN Compilation April 2016

No april fools, because of the weekend you get the new WIN Compilation today, on the 4th. The upside: Now you have to wait a little less until the next one! For now we present you 45 awesome clips in one that is even better and doesn’t even run for nine minutes. Enjoy & share!

WIN Compilation March 2016

The fastest month deserves a fast compilation – for the last 29 days we found 49 great clips and present them in under overwhelming nine minutes of pure awesomeness. Arranged by wihel.de & langweiledich.net March on, enjoy & share!

WIN Compilation February 2016

You want more? No problem! 55 of the best clips from the last weeks in just exactly 10 minutes – a concentration of awesomeness that has never been seen before – arranged by langweiledich.net & wihel.de. Until next month. Lots of snowy coolness from this winter. Enjoy & share!