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WIN Compilation Best of 2020 (Videos of the Year)

What a year this has been… When we wished you “an epic 2020!” at the end of our “Best of 2019” video, we didn’t mean THIS. But we stood together and got through it, looking in a (hopefully) better futures. Along the way lots of people did lots of awesome things. Heartful gestures, amazing tricks, […]

Bonus Compilation: Some More WINs #2

Here we are with some “new” classics! “Some more WINs” collects all the clips we find along the way but are too “old” for our regular or yearly editions (so, before this year). But these are nevertheless new to our channel, so we hope, you like this shorter bonus video. Enjoy & share! And stay […]

WIN Compilation OCTOBER 2020 Edition | Best of September

Hello beloved people! 👋 More in demand than the PlayStation 5, more entertaining then a presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, and celebrated slightly more than the “Day of German unity” here in our country – we’re back with 51 awesome clips from recent weeks in 10:08 minutes of high-class entertainment! Hope you […]

WIN Compilation SEPTEMBER 2020 Edition | Best of August

Welcome to the last third of 2020. As everything is going down the drain, maybe you’d be so kind to help us reach our year’s resolution? Only about 2K are missing to breach the subscriber mark of 100 thousand! We can do this, right?! To motivate you helping us spreading the word, take a look […]

WIN Classics: Best of Pre-Channel Videos #2

Exactly today marks the one-year-anniversary of our Patreon page. A BIG THANKS to all our supporters from around the world. If you haven’t checked all the bonusses you get by supporting our demonetized channel, take a look: https://www.patreon.com/wincompilation A month ago we did show you a little best of from compilations we published on our […]

WIN Compilation AUGUST 2020 Edition | Best of July

Is it hot at yours as well as it is in Germany right now? Here are 50 cool clips to keep your mind chill and entertain you for about eleven minutes. Hope you like our “Best of July” compilation. Enjoy & share! And stay safe! ❤️ Subscribe for monthly WIN & Support us on Patreon!