WIN Compilation AUGUST 2023 Edition | Best videos of July | LwDn x WIHEL

How’s your summer going? If it lacks some win, we got you! This compilation combines the best 58 videos of last month, resulting in over ten minutes of uplifting entertainment. What’s your favorite clip? Let us know in the comments. ✍️

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01. Pool shot I hit while it was slow at work yesterday! Thought it would fit here
02. This guy throwing cement onto a wall. (via)
03. r/place 2023 – FULL Bad Apple!! music video in pixels (via)
04. Replying to @Jasmine Johnson #work #hungry Wingstop Rant Metal Drums (via)
05. Restoring a used paper (via)
06. Bartender’s Signature Tie Stall Skillfully Performed on Camera
07. Two Dogs Dig a Hole Under a Fence to Play Together
08. This man created the perfect hidden hideout in his home.
09. Emus Getting Cozy and Having Fun at a Splash Pad
10. Be the hamster! Make your own snow cone! (via)
11. The fastest 15 times ever recorded in the women’s 1500m freestyle swim were all set by Katie Ledecky
12. Cat Enjoying Some Wooden Dough Roller Massage
13. Person Capturing an Amazing Sky Filled With Bubble Shaped Clouds
14. Parachutist Swings off an Air Balloon in a Mid-Air Maneuver
15. Heroic Efforts to Rescue a Stranded Whale
16. BEST rally of the TTBL-Final 2023 🔥🏓 (via)
17. Spectacular Huge Dog Figure Roaming the Streets During a Show
18. Skate Anywhere Like Frozone! (Freeze and Skate)
19. Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns N’ Roses- Reimagined on the Traditional Chinese Guzheng | Moyun (via)
20. three trains later and our new antique mirror of love is home⭐️🕊☀️ (via)
21. WORLD RECORD Kapla Tower Collapse (*BREATHTAKING*) (via)
22. 5 million dollar Ollie thanks @stevenvictor for trusting me. @ferrari I think I’d be a great ambassador (via)
23. Andotrope/Gehn’s Imager: Gehn’s Schoolroom Remake (via)
24. A special drawing skill.
25. The making of this flamingo hat
26. At TranscribeGlass we’re building the world’s first all-day wearable subtitles. (via)
27. BARBENHEIMER 🎀💣💅💥 Took me way to long to make this outfit, but I did it! (via)
28. Didn’t expect that sequence @Laron @Byron Eley Steele @NI 😳🔥 (via)
29. #kreuzberg at its best. den schwänen hier kann man auch nicht mehr trauen.
30. Bear in a flying sauser #bear (via)
31. cutting a paper with this thing called ‘gyro-cut’ (via)
32. This spare is cooler than any strike ever
33. Firefighting drones in testing phase. Could be excellent idea for high rise buildings 🙌💦🔥 (via)
35. Grass chair 6 months in the making (via)
36. Happy to share with you the second artwork of my latest diptych ! (via)
37. I made a Typewriter out of Drums! (via)
38. Hard work always pays off…🚂
39. This just excited me 😂 (6 person foldable camping chair) (via)
40. This gaming station built with a Kuka industrial robot.
41. Incredible flexibility of this dude
43. Passion goes a long way
44. Picking up trash has never been this fun. (via)
45. Smallest micro drill in the world. Homemade (via)
46. Thayers BMX Dirt Best Trick: TOP 3 | X Games California 2023 (via)
47. Hungry Staffy #staffy #bluestaffy (dog licking pizza through hole in box) (via)
48. It’s really cool to see stranger creatures. (via)
49. The calm before the storm… juggling (via)
51. We cut a car in half and drive to town (via)
52. Watching football with a view
53. Pogacar 🥖 #Tdf2023 #ciclismonaespn (via)
54. World’s fastest Shopping Kart Hits the Streets! (via)
55. [GOAL] 대한민국🇰🇷 2-1 🇭🇹아이티 (via)
56. When the yoyo doesn’t even need to be connected
57. This wireframe car looks like a digital model but it’s real and made from actual wire (via)
58. Lady Uses a Drone to Capture the Beauty of a Pink Lake

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