WIN Compilation MAY 2023 Edition | Best videos of April | LwDn x WIHEL

Watch the best positive moments of the recent month. 58 WINs in over 12 minutes of jaw-dropping entertainment. What clip is your favorite this month? Let us know in the comments! FYI: Since May 1st is a holiday in Germany, we publish this one on the 2nd.

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01. Probably the most requested song for me to sing backwards ⏪ (via)
02. I don’t know how your Monday is going, but this made mine just a tiny bit better, and that’s a victory in my book. (via)
03. Lin Shidong vs Kristian Karlsson | MS R32 | WTT Champions Xinxiang 2023 (via)
04. SHE”S BACK and styling an Adam Sandler fit #babycry #impressions (via)
05. I made a FULL-BODY keyboard! (via)
06. Eine alte Dame zu Besuch beim TÜV! Benz Victoria Nr. 99
08. Cat Jumps into Ceiling Storage Area off a Table
09. Gangsta’s Paradise in the style of Johnny CASH (via)
10. An elephant’s self-taught banana peeling offers glimpse of elephants’ broader abilities (via)
11. I Think This Is At Least 3 👍 Wall Jump insanity (via)
12. Man picks up Groceries on a Scooter!
13. Dog Throws the Ball Then Jumps in Water to Retrieve It
14. The WEIGHTLESS Machine (via)
15. Guy Plays a Violin While Riding Another’s Shoulder Who’s Wearing 10 Ft Blanket
16. Playing Card Sticks between Ping Pong Balls after Bouncing off Rubber Band
17. How many AA’s does it take to start a car? (via)
18. #S04TSG Over 10,000 away fans at a Bundesliga match (via)
19. Paraglider Combines Skiing and Paragliding
20. What’s your favorite? #piano #music #mario theme jackson 5 mashup (via)
21. A dream came true 🥳 Thanks to: 🪄 Video&rigging @partytillimpact 🤍 🚤 : Davide&Elena ❤️
22. Clever Kitten Climbs Wall to Reach Adult Cat’s Food
23. 5 stars and a good tip for Jeffrey the best uber eats delivery in Manhattan (via)
24. 27 Flips In 25 Seconds (via)
25. Building a Combat Robot from a Nintendo NES (via)
26. Drawing with Wool
27. Designer Folds Jeans Using a Single Snapping Motion (via)
28. Cocco’s Pizza Driver Saves the Day (via)
29. Finally 🥰😂 Peter Andre feat. Seal (via)
30. I Built the Worlds Fastest Garbage Can (via)
31. Insane Square Cycling (via)
32. Jump 10 Feet With These Shoes! (World Record) (via)
33. Laser cleaning to restore a stone fireplace surround (via)
34. Ice Carousel With Race Track (via)
35. 5 line time ✴️ (via)
36. Lego Sewing Machine (via)
37. Magnetic Vibrations, Extreme Satisfaction | Magnet Tricks & Magnetic Games (via)
38. pixel art portrait of Bob Ross using 7104 paint swatches (via)
39. Never give up! Cup stack race (small, medium, large)
41. Nubz is at it again… chicken got boots on its feet (via)
42. These construction workers filled a kid’s toy truck with dirt to make his day (via)
43. There’s no cartwheels in baseball!!!! (via)
44. Tubo de Rubens (via)
45. Unbedingt mit Ton hören 😉 (via)
46. This Sculpture is Better At Basketball Than You… (via)
47. Was this even a good idea? |S7 – E14| (via)
48. When you really miss your bestie 🚨🚨🚨 (via)
49. Why? Just why? (via)
50. This is Tofu. He loves making new friends. Especially if they can fly. 13/10
51. World’s Largest LEGO Rollercoaster Pt.3 (via)
52. Worlds FASTEST R/C Tracked Vehicle (via)
54. Machining the World’s First Aerospace ISOGRID Skateboard (via)
55. Part 2 of concrete prints🐾 (via)
56. Master of Puppets (Accordion cover) – Metallica
57. Bike Balancing Act On Stacked Bottles
58. Tired Husky Takes Rest on Tire Swing With Sweatpants Cushion

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