WIN Compilation JANUARY 2024 Edition (Best videos of December 2023)

HAPPY NEW YEAR, GUYS! 🥳 We’re back in… well, you’ll see. 😉 2024 has its own color on our channel and we also tweaked some elements of our video design. Do you like the changes we made? The most important thing stays the same: We collect the best videos of last month for you – let’s start with 69 (🤭) clips and around 13 minutes of playtime for our January Edition.

DISCLAIMER: Sadly we messed up the timing for displaying the numbers of clips 13-22, sorry for that!

Enjoy & share!

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01. Dog’s Head Popping Out of a Michael Jackson-Themed Fence Hole
02. 하아트 (Snow Heart drawn with the wheel) (via)
03. #challenge #maze (Puppy Jumps Maze tog get to food) (via)
04. The Office Man vs. Graffiti: Turning graffiti tags into real signatures (via)
05. Two Female Skydivers Holds a Hoop While Others Swoops Through It Mid Air
06. Shops in Iceland sell mittens for BEER
07. What would you guys gave done in this situation?? (Door dasher hit by car, delivers) (via)
08. 这么冷的天,还有人在这么努力!(Street musician playing while standing on his head) (via)
09. Fastest time to solve a rotating puzzle cube while performing a five hula hoop split (via)
10. (football corner trick) (via)
11. Clear Ketchup (via)
12. This Weird Guitar Just Broke The Internet (Here’s Why) (via)
13. Lol (Santa riding a motorcycle)
14. All time BIGGEST equipped bench for women in the WORLD
15. How to make a tv wall (via)
16. Do you know what is the new and popular signage technology at China? (via)
17. Man Walks with 15 Dogs Using Strapped Leads
18. Baby Zebra Rescued From Mud
19. Magical Glass Goblet Performance by a Street Artist
20. Airborne Santa Claus Display at a Christmas Market
21. Immerse yourself in my art #automata (via)
22. Gravity pattern #3 #juggling (via)
23. SpiderHand Stop Motion full animation (via)
24. Consecutive Filming of Two Football-Hoop Trickshots
25. Bike Zipline Adventure Accompanied With a Majestic View
26. Man’s Vintage Space Ship Themed Cart Run
27. Poodle Dog Enjoying See-Saw Ride with a Man
28. Precious Toddler Surprises Garbage Collectors with Gifts
29. Man Takes a Rope Swing Plunge off a Massive 400-Foot Cliff
30. 200 Wheel Lego Vehicle (via)
31. Helping a lost dog find his home ❤️
32. Life Size Toys: Duncan Yo-Yo (via)
33. the way they finish the race with the same exact time
34. 360° SPINNING guitar neck is incredible!! (via)
35. Wooden Minigun (via)
36. Als ob da gerade 30 Kilo Kuchen REINGEFAHREN kamen @Kittycatcakes_ ist einfach insane
37. Archer (not the cartoon) shoots arrow through another airborne arrow, lengthwise…
38. ナムチニハニーカフェ 2号店 (@namchini82cafe) Wobbly cats (via)
39. Ants dragging a lizard on tricky surfaces
40. He went sledding with his dog
42. Builders in China Create a Massive Snowman For Their Festival in Harbin China
43. dynamic climbing by Colin Duffy
44. His precision and control of the speedwing is awesome
45. way too much talent in this lil boy
46. Incredible bike skills!
47. Winterland themed cookies❄️‍❄️ Guess what’s buried under the ice… (via)
48. Learning to sing
49. Only 1 Motor Endless movements (Tentacle Kinetic Sculpture) (via)
50. ❤️ (motorbike barber) (via)
51. Mayan cooking class in Guatemala how to open avocado w your hand (via)
52. Inventive Christmas display
53. Most lit house on the block
54. Stop what you’re doing and watch this table tennis rally
55. Jim Denevan works with natural materials to create drawings in sand, ice, and soil that are then erased by waves and weather. (via)
56. The vast Tokyo Metropolis.
57. The editing in this GoPro video.
58. Transformers: Robots In Disguise
59. Watch your Step. Walking automaton created by @nikramage. . (via)
60. Ugh, it’s gotten so cold even the @RiveoApp onboarding will freeze over.
61. Mind-blowing rope skipping
62. Of course they can! #throwback #worldrecord (via)
63. Vater des Jahres ☺ (Sledding with a rope and drill)
64. Småfåglarnas pariserhjul kan vara den roligaste fågelmataren som finns! (Ferriswheel for birds) (via)
65. ‍To trzeba zobaczyć z każdej strony (via)
66. SURPRISE Christmas Light Show Using 500 Drones!
67. Boy Surprised with a Great Room Makeover for His Birthday
68. Awesome Music from Movies with Unique Instruments! (via)
69. Skills Nunchaku Show Part 138 (via)

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