Just wow! Incredible & Amazing Moments (Some More Wins #5)

Surprise! Even though Valentine’s Day is already over, we want to say how much we love you guys by gifting you a new bonus compilation. 💘 We gathered 58 clips that are too old for our regular compilations but haven’t been seen on this channel before and are too good not to. BUT: This doesn’t mean that there won’t be an exclusive video on Patreon this month! We’ll probably upload it next week, just stay tuned, winners.

Enjoy & share!

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Curated by wihel.de and langweiledich.net.

01. Hurrah (via)
02. @HarryStyles Wasn’t Ready 😂🔥 🎩 (via)
03. Behold!! Hoops Désolé!! 4 slippery guys jumping through hoops for a living. (via)
04. Baby and great-grandfather using their walkers. 96 1/2 years apart- the beginning and end of life. (via)
05. I know a snack when I hear one..🐕🐾🍪😅
06. I Make a 12ft DISCO BALL SKELETON (via)
07. Oh my god the play of the day in sports came from the Russian Premier League
08. 155cm unicycle platform high jump. (via)
09. Hilarious Squirrel Delivers Cookie to Home Owner! (via)
10. Guy Jumps A Skate Ramp with a Wheelbarrow on Rollerblades 🔥 (via)
11. TSA K-9 sent into retirement with tennis ball surprise (via)
12. Boy hits a penalty,ends up scoring shoes on basket-Scores twice in one shot-funny viral video
13. boardslide to fakie 360 flip. 🙂
14. 3 in 1 🤫 (via)
15. Don’t tell her what she can’t do (One-legged woman lifting weight)
16. Throwing cheese on burger from a height
17. Quick-thinking forklift drivers block in thief making their escape (via)
18. I still can’t believe that video exists .. 🌋 (vulcano eruption countdown) (via)
19. Disc Golf Ace by Jakson Griffith
20. Pink Panther Tiktok 80m+ Viral street art video Fat Cap Sprays (via)
21. Nephew surprises his aunt with a painting he made of her that earned finalist placement in an art competition (via)
22. Pencil playing Mario theme while drawing a Mario cartoon!
23. Reporter accidentally recreates the half court shot he was reporting on
24. It’s an all new freestyle for the #gotmilkchallenge! (via)
25. Lifeguard has next level skills (via)
26. Pikachu Art with mirrors
27. I’m officially a Guinness World Record holder!! 🔥🔥🔥
28. a lovely moment when the pet dog heard the footsteps of the little girl’s dad (via)
29. Viewer says “Do something cool I’m bored”
30. Sheep Discovers How To Use A Trampoline (via)
31. Rock, Paper, Scissors to win Slovenia Cycling Tour (via)
32. Michigan girl who is blind makes shot during basketball game (via)
33. Pablo Rochat #1: Addicted to your phone? Scan for help (via)
34. Stunning, brilliant, impressive: that is all about 2012 goal by Martin Jiranek ⭐ (via)
35. Shoulder throws are weird 😶 (via)
36. We had to do something special for our son Lian Bday party! (via)
37. Water Volleyball #shorts #volleyball
38. Pizza for you and me (Spongebob Doormat) (via)
39. Der ve ıstakayı bırakırım 😎😎 (Pool Trick Shot) (via)
40. Fountain Clock in the Czech Republic 🇨🇿 (via)
41. 🤯 INSANE WORLDS FIRST AT FISE 🔥 #short -Luis Rincon Reyes (via)
42. Ferrets playing in packing peanuts (via)
43. It’s all in the hips… (golf shot of the year?)
44. Como cargar 5 garrafones E pura (via)
45. Jamie Griffin Kickflip late Impossible! (via)
46. 비틀어훌 4방(매운맛)🌶️ (Taekwondo jumps and kicks) (via)
47. QUACKY KEYBOARD GO CRAZY! #keyboard (via)
48. Wowwwww (woman with impressive football skills) (via)
49. EasiBridge – Original Man-Portable Bridge Prototype (via)
50. The Speedrun Is Dead…Unless I Make This Jump? (GTA 5)
51. 方紙摺疊包裝 (祥興茶行陳良願師傅示範) (folded packaging) (via)
52. Dragon made of sugar (via)
53. I should have calibrated my magic copy machine. (Copycat) (via)
54. Most jump rope revolutions in a single skip – 8 by Kirato Hitaka (via)
55. Finally got around to making a better video of my silly apartment project. (via)
56. 🐈 İspanyol sokak sanatçısı Alfonso Yuste Navarro’nun, Valencia (via)
57. Oh, what we did today (via)
58. Checkout of 2022 goes to Simon Whitlock for winning a match with a 150 triple bullseye finish (via)

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