WIN Compilation SEPTEMBER 2021 Edition | Best videos of the month August

Isn’t it crazy that we’re already in the last third of the year?! Well, at least we got a new compilation for you! This time with 50 of the best clips from the last weeks that add up to 10 minutes of high class entertainment. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Enjoy & share! And stay safe! ❤️

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01. Ace of Spades – Torenfestival Weert (via)
02. The smoothness of this dual-slinky synchronized routine (via)
03. We Built The World’s First FOOTBALL CONNECT 4 And It’s EPIC! (via)
04. Nobody asked for this. (via)
05. Girl Hula Hooping While Playing Cod
06. Flower Power in Goiás, Brasil (by Fábio Gomes Trindade) (via)
07. Wir bauen das GRÖSSTE KARTENHAUS der WELT! (via)
08. #kunai #throwing #knifethrowing #ninja
09. Raccoon Laying on Its Back Enjoying Popcorn on Couch
10. Dog Catches American Football Like a Pro
11. Group of People Surfing and Paddling a Big Surfboard
12. “Fun in the ball pit!”🐺❤️
13. Performing Gymnastics On Lake Dock
14. It’s not the best song but at least he tried! 🥺🎵 (via)
15. I found the heaviest distortion pedal and used it on harp (via)
16. Pool Float Strapped to the Top of a Truck Flapping Its Wings
17. Guys Lands a Basket Kicking an American Football
18. Howl’s Moving Castle Theme – Joe Hisaishi | Merry-go-round of life – ハウルの動く城 – Theremin & Glass Harp (via)
19. BARCODE-BOARDING in the barcode park (via)
20. 2nd Shot was one of my Creation.
21. Making Lego Car CLIMB More Obstacles (via)
22. Raccoon Cooling off Sitting on Top of Fan Blowing Strong Air
23. 70 Days To Build A Ferrari GTO 250 The Most Expensive Car In The World For My Son (via)
24. Atlas | Partners in Parkour (via)
25. 200 wasted tires turn into human – size Alien King Maquette!丨The Alien King丨Tire Sculpture (via)
26. Auto-aiming bow vs. FLYING targets
27. Building Webshooters for Real Spider-Man Swinging (via)
28. Magic Windows: Hiding Images in Plain Sight (via)
29. Can’t Stop/ @Red Hot Chili Peppers , Feng E (via)
30. Double Hoop Alley Oop 🏀 @everybody_hatechriss @elijahbonds (via)
31. Hey you guys know where I can find The Rock? 😂 (via)
32. Holiday for everybody, right? (via)
33. How Engineers Play Basketball (via)
34. Millennium Falcon STAR WARS out of sand + explanation of special effects 🔴 (via)
35. Security camera captures cat’s adorable reaction to owner coming home. (via)
36. Personal win moment that went unnoticed (via)
37. One Woodturning to Rule Them All ! (via)
38. Seems to be Impossible until you see the Solution! 🤩🎩 #Shorts (via)
39. Little girl doing crazy routine 😮 (via)
40. Skimming across a canal! (via)
41. The baby is flying! 😂🔊 (via)
42. The pure joy in his eyes (via)
43. Truck driver shows skill in reversing and tea making (via)
44. Puppy thinks he’s a bunny (via)
45. We Built a HUMAN Catapult! (via)
47. You can’t play three trumpets at the same time. (via)
48. Mr Skywalker just walked on the air again 🔥
49. One-man band delivers stunning street performance (via)
50. This guy saving his co-worker at the last moment after ladder slips (via)

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