WIN Compilation JUNE 2021 Edition | Best videos of the month May

A weird May lies behind us. At least here in Germany we had strange weather conditions and even though we made a really intense search at the end of the month, we could only find 38 new clips for our new compilation… But we let some run a bit longer than usual and still have nearly 10 minutes of high quality and positive entertainment for you! We hope you like it.

Enjoy & share! And stay safe! ❤️

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01. Drum & Bass On The Bike – London Hyde Park Special (via)
02. Şöyle biri arkandan omzuna dokundu ne yaparsın?😄
03. The 500 foot hoagie
04. The END reaction 😂
05. Danny MacAskill and Kriss Kyle – “This and That” (via)
06. Australian Shepherd Plays Games With Owner
07. this is most insane thing ive seen on tik tok (via)
08. Best of the best. Tasked failed successfully.
09. BASKETBALL TIC TAC TOE From 200ft Quarry With 9 HOOPS!
10. PORTAL: A Bridge To The United Planet (via)
11. Repost because I think we can do better 😄
12. Bacon and Eggs skatepark putting Wilkeson on the map
13. The Detachable Rag (via)
14. GOODNIGHT Cutie…
15. Making a proper DIY sprung wheel (via)
16. Donkey Cuddles!
17. Lego Bridge Factory (via)
18. 1512 Jenga on 1 (New World Record) (via)
19. Breathing The Heaviest Non Toxic Gas #shorts (via)
20. These Guys with a big truck and big heart use the lift gate to help a senior get into her car without getting her feet wet (via)
21. Two kinds of dogs (via)
22. AMAZING Bicycle out of Chains #shorts (via)
23. This is what happens when you take a break at @sunshine_animal_refuge_agadir (via)
24. How to Make a Levitating Hot Dog Cooker (via)
25. “Toccata and Fugue in D minor (Bach) played on Fire Organ at Transworld Halloween Show! (via)
26. Harry Wilson Insane Goal vs Birmingham 20/21 Season (via)
27. My lawnmower’s cooler than your lawnmower! (via)
28. Levitation Station 4K | Magnet Tricks (via)
29. Man in His 70s Flips Off A Swing @sportscenter
30. Woman Driving a Despicable Me Custom Mobile on the Highway (via)
31. Meteorologist multiplies on screen during graphics glitch | FOX 9 KMSP (via)
32. Powerful All Tracked Crawler! Lego Technic MOC in the Garden! 8 Powered Up L Motors! 4K (via)
33. Sonic State Weird Glitch (via)
34. Undecided
35. Widebody conversion for Lada (via)
36. Someone’s #impatient 🐶 #dog 🐕 giving us a great #laugh this morning at kinder drop-off 🤣😂
37. In The End – Linkin Park | Bandura und Handpan Cover
38. Ana Lucia Martinez (AS Roma Femminile) Great Goal (via)

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