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We live in confusing times. For example, this Sunday the clocks have been set to winter time at us in Germany. To top this, Monday was a holiday in some parts of the country… So we just thought, why not give everyone a day to get over this and just publish our new compilation on Tuesday?! This way you also have to wait one day less for our next edition – isn’t this great?! Aaaaand: We got some more fresh clips for you than last time! We hope you like our compilation – let us know your favorite clip of the month in the comments!

Enjoy & share! And stay safe! ❤️

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01. Dog Barks Blowing Candle in His 1st Birthday Party
02. Super Mario Lvl. 9999 (via)
03. @John McGinnis how’d I’d do?! 👑 #trickshotant
04. Brocken Spectre at Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park. Nature’s gift
05. Girl Kicked off the Lamp With Her Foot Pole Dancing
06. Farm kids have the most fun! 🐮 ✌️​
08. Scary Bat Cookie 🦇🦇🦇
09. When your Halloween costume comes in the mail. 💍 👻
10. Gentle Loving Rottweiler Gets Very Excited When Mom Come
11. Science Teacher Shows Life Cycle Of A Soap Bubble
12. Street Dog Hops Into Car Then Girl Says ”This Is My Dog Now”
13. By popular demand here it is!
14. 2021 Ghostbusters Projection Show (via)
15. Greetings and good morning it’s the Tuesday rush hour (via)
16. Spent a few hours on this. Will @justinbieber ever see it?! (via)
17. Halftime: “The Music of Rush” – Ohio State vs. Maryland, 10/9/21 (via)
18. How Many Gloves Until I Can’t Play Enter Sandman Anymore? (via)
19. I made a fully functional LEGO RUBIK’S CUBE (3x3x3)
20. Just Following Orders (via)
21. Wings made out of water – Bubble Glider (via)
22. Portsmouth fans chant vs Ipswich Town (via)
23. #petsoftiktok #catsoftiktok (via)
24. A Screw With No (visible) Slot Is My Next Big Thing! (via)
25. Man sketches 4 Harry Potter characters at the SAME TIME (via)
26. Artificial Muscles Robotic Arm Full Range of Motion + Static Strength Test (V11) (via)
27. Spinning bicycle globe sculpture (via)
28. BiBi’s cute reaction when she first see a piglet (via)
29. Bottle Lands on Balancing Mouth Stick Soon as Girl Pops Balloon
30. Cat Shows off the “Fake Dead After Getting Fake Shot” Trick
31. Koko the clown tattooed animation (via)
32. ExplodingCircle2FrontFullSize 1080x GIF (via)
33. Free lessons available at Detroit’s nearly-completed Chandler Skatepark (via)
34. Ikea Place AR Jazz Band
35. From please no to please stop to jeebus fucking cripes. (via)
36. GOLAZO | Dairon Asprilla with a majestic bicycle-kick strike against SJ (via)
37. I like how some of them aren’t synced up, it makes this even funnier (via)
38. nobody’s stealing his tools (via)
39. Okay, okay. Ich denke jetzt haben wir es. DAS Video. 🐿 It‘s nuts! 😄 (via)
40. Michael Hearst – Ode to Odd Instruments, TOO (via)
41. This is a legit “lightbulb moment” 😆 P.S. here’s some inspo for your launch @djiglobal , you’re welcome 🤗 (via)
42. Saw 2: Lego Technic Saw vs Objects! 14 Motors, 4350 RPM! (via)
43. Smart Dog Stacking and Unstacking Rings for a Treat
44. Two Two Two Two to Tou-lou-se
45. Mariachi Band (via)
46. We build a 14-wheeled MONSTER Lada! (via)
47. If BARBIE GIRL Was The Hardest Song In The World (via)
48. Cooler lid done in American flag.

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