WIN Compilation MARCH 2020 Edition | Best of February

Wow, we nearly hit the 90K subscriber mark, how awesome! 💪 Help us reach our goal of 100K in 2020 by watching, sharing and of course subscribing (stats say, 95% of you haven’t yet)! Thanks to the leap year you had to wait a day longer, but this way we had a bit more time to search for epic clips. Here you have 57 of them condensed in about twelve and a half minutes. Enjoy & share! 🥳

Enjoy & share!

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01. Knight Rider Theme on an Electric Toothbrush, Card Machines and a Typewriter (via)
03. Guy Jumps Through Parked Car Window
04. Busy Parent Plays From the Fourth Floor || ViralHog (via)
05. Insane Bike Skills in Barcelona | ViralHog
06. “Sands Serif” beach writing (via)
07. Sly Dog Smoothly Slips Bills from under Euro Stack || ViralHog
08. This Is Probably The Weirdest Yet The Funniest Band To Ever Exist
09. 84 year old Mary Ann Wakefield sinks 94 foot putt to win a new car (via)
10. How to Eat while Wearing Medical Mask || ViralHog
11. Bad Guy on Boomwhackers!
12. Fancy Footwork and a Clutch Catch || ViralHog
13. Pink Looks For Three-Peat At Westminster Dog Show (via)
14. Everyday workout 💪😁 by @smaillovskii
15. Artist Creates Amazing Typewriter Art – 1097128-3
16. Billy’s (Bowling) Balls (via)
17. Playing Card Lego Gun (via)
18. Guys Prank A Person – 1102656
19. Teen Skateboarder Amazing Flip Trick
20. Sequino (via)
21. Play Ping Pong Against Yourself (backspin)
22. Beagles Take Breakfast in Turns (via)
23. Beautiful Sand Art from Sénégal (via)
24. Bill Murray with the best thing you’ll see today. Just wait for the club flip 😂 (via)
25. Buzina do Sergipe, segura mizera 😂 😂 😂 (via)
26. CPR Brings Gecko Back to Life After Drowning in a Beer (via)
27. Differences in perceived speed (via)
28. DJs in 2020 be like (via)
29. “dunk-ballon-dos” (via)
30. Feeding yourself drone style || Viral Video UK (via)
31. This is the best thing you’ll see today 😍 (via)
32. Woman Plays Two Pianos Simultaneously Sitting on a Stool Between Them – 1101611-2 (via)
33. He climbs stairs with his HEAD! – Guinness World Records (via)
34. Here’s the greatest tiktok I’ll ever make. (via)
35. Later Sydney 👋 Will be back again soon
36. I’m tired and needed a smile. This delivered.
37. LEGO GBC Module – Robot Dreams (via)
38. My moms Tell Tale Heart cake with pumping heart. (via)
39. This Contact Sword Routine is Absolutely Mesmerizing (via)
40. Not sure who was more excited. Glad she remembers me after a year! (via)
41. The Ultimate Backyard Trampoline Park I DD Squad Ep6 (via)
42. Patient plays violin while surgeons remove brain tumour (via)
43. Ball Spiel (via)
44. Smart Pup Scales Gate (via)
45. Sound On – Ice Core Dropped Into Massive Hole Makes Freaky Noises (via)
46. That’s a cool move (via)
47. tony hawk you have 24 hours to respond (via)
48. When a Welder is Left Alone in the Shop (via)
49. Guinness World Record Biggest Firework, Successful Launch, Steamboat Springs Colorado, 2/8/2020 (via)
50. Square Apple (via)
51. Underwater Double Bubble Rings (via)
52. Beautiful Russian Example of the Mpemba Effect || ViralHog (via)
53. tiny dancer (via)
54. Spaghetti scissors new way to eat (via)
55. FINISH THE LYRICS!!! 🎤😂😂😂 (via)
56. Smoother than Michael Jackson??? (via)
57. Girl Does Amazing Handstand While Rotating Legs on Cliff – 1097906

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