WIN Compilation JUNE 2020 Edition | Best of May

Project 💯! Help us meet our new year’s resolution of reaching the magical number of 100k subscribers within the year 2020. 85%(!) of our viewers are not subscribed to our channel yet – this is crazy! So if you like our stuff, it would help us a lot for you to crush this number. But whether you are subscribed or not, we hope you like our newest video! We put together 52 recent clips that shall deflect you from all the terrible stuff happening in real life right now for kinda exactly 10 minutes. ✊

Enjoy & share! And stay safe! ❤️

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01. Knuffelberen in #UNTAMED 🤣 – Walibi Holland (via)
02. Home Office – Fabio Wibmer
03. This took ages guys help it go viral!
04. スーパーマリオブラザーズをヴァイオリンで演奏してみた★10年ぶり^^Super Mario Bros. Violin Cover (via)
05. Girl Creates Satisfying Handprint Pattern In Carpet
06. Guy Spells Out Messages With Coin Flip
07. It’s great to see how synchronized we got over time. The work is paying off! 🙏😋🐕👊
08. Making The Boot NOBODY Wanted – (Croc Martens) – 🐊🥾 (via)
09. Full Body Trolling in VRChat! (Index + Trackers)
10. 501KG Deadlift – Hafthor Bjornsson
11. Dutch police officers on a horse participate in a salsa lesson in the Zuiderpark The Hague. (via)
12. Homemade Wave For Surfing In Lockdown
13. Instruments imitations on guitar 3 (using a hairdryer) (via)
14. Making a Miniature Marble Machine! (via)
15. Garden games ft. @redbullza
16. Covid Lego Beehive (via)
17. Far, Near, Together: A socially distant children’s book (via)
18. This Liquid Can Solve Complex Mazes By Itself
20. Ramp walker pizza box delivers lunch (via)
21. A dance party under a bridge in Slovakia uses a caution tape grid to promote social distancing. (via)
22. BREAKING: @gui_khury just became the first skateboarder in history to land a 1080 on a vert ramp! (via)
23. Dad Draws Face On Chin And Kids Feed Him (via)
24. Holograms on chocolate
25. Poplar fluff burn (via)
26. How to Do Smoking Fingers Trick (via)
27. Iconic Toy Car Spotted On Motorway (via)
28. I am the maker of the mask 🖤🖤🖤 #mask #hp #artist #smallbusiness #magic *checkmeouton FB ***CPEX (via)
29. Introducing the cuddle curtain #lockdown #COVID19 #
30. INSANE Hoverboard with Formula 1 Wheels (via)
31. Is this how washing machines are supposed to work? Asking for a friend… (via)
32. Is this enough satisfying? (via)
33. Montag nach dem Lockdown (via)
34. My cat just locked up my dog lmfaooooo💀😂 (via)
35. My robotic basketball hoop won’t let you miss
36. PUDDLES !!!!!!! (via)
37. spot boston dynamics horse mask (via)
38. Swimming Dolphins Kinetic LEGO Sculpture (via)
39. This is what every single day of 2020 has felt like.
40. This was ridiculously smooth. 🤯 (via)
41. Took 3 days but FINALLY hit it! Bet you can’t guess what’s in the cup (via)
42. Tyler Glaiel Face Mask
43. Unbelievable Bioluminescent Beach, California
44. オンライン飲み会から緊急脱出できるマシーンを作りました (via)
45. Wii theme on BOTTLES (Mii theme) (via)
46. 💟 king of the road 😂 (via)

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