WIN Compilation JANUARY 2020 Edition | Best of December 2019

New year, new look. As some of you noticed before, the visual number play in our logo didn’t quite work für the new 20s decade. We thought about turning the “N” into a “2”, but we thought, why not make something completely new? We’re excited what you say about our new design – feel free to leave feedback in the comments!
And of course there is a new video, too. 47 of the best clips from last month put together in highly entertaining and inspiring nine-and-a-half minutes. We hope, you like it.
Aaaand: New year, new goal. In 2020 we aim to reach the 100K subscriber mark. Can we do it? Can YOU do it? Spread the word, share our clips and help us bring WIN into the world! 💯

Enjoy & share!

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01. Santa Meow wish You a Merry Christmas (via)
02. Guy Amazingly Slides on Frozen River and Grabs Beer From Friend’s Hand – 1092539
03. Toddler Girl Says Wow at Unwrapping Waffle as Christmas Present – 1093888
04. Popcorn (via)
05. #happynewyear2020 Avengers Endgame. Started at 9:29:30 to get this to work.
06. Starting 2020 with perfectly timed “I am Iron Man” // Sydney Fireworks 2020, Happy New Year! (via)
07. (NEW) World Record Elephant Toothpaste w/ David Dobrik (via)
08. Chinese man who can ‘jump on water’ goes viral (via)
09. Beyond the Limits: MARTYkhana (via)
10. 3D Drawing Iron Man on 10 Glass Panels | DP Truong (via)
11. World’s Longest Home Run (The “Mad Batter” Machine) – Smarter Every Day 230 (via)
12. HTK#68 Sonimod highway (via)
13. I Played the BIGGEST BASS in the WORLD (Record)
14. Mini Cannons VS Christmas is Extremely Satisfying (via)
15. Uzaktan kontrollü çok hızlı model araba yarışması (via)
16. no phone in sight, just bowls vibing (via)
17. Bull-dozer ❄️ (via)
18. #Empty ,,#TuesdayThoughts #TuesdayMotivation 😂😂😂😎 (via)
19. Cat Powered Touch Lamp || ViralHog (via)
20. Chop Furby [Contraptoid]
21. Pawttery (via)
22. Playing snake in the Christmas tree. Created with Raspberry Pi and WS2811 leds (via)
23. Adorable Dog Drags Chair And Sits Close To Owner – 1089731 (via)
24. Commitment level 100 🎄 (via)
25. Christmas Wrenches/jingle bells (via)
26. Cooking with wool 🍳 . (via)
27. Delivery Driver Does Happy Dance || ViralHog (via)
28. DOOM on a Digital Camera from 1998! (via)
29. Epic Cycling | Truly Unique Bicycle that Walks (via)
30. Früher war mehr Lametta.
31. I Tried Giving My Daughter The Worst Xmas Gift Ever & I Didn’t Expect This Reaction 😢 (via)
32. Insane Flips on the World’s Biggest Trampoline | DD Squad (via)
33. コンセントを開けるとそこには…!? (via)
34. Our girl has an Ugly Christmas sweater party at dance….this tacky enough? 😂
35. Passenger Hangs Phone From Hair || ViralHog (via)
36. Pig Enjoys Hot Chocolate At Whistler Blackcomb ski resort, Canada (via)
37. TESLA CYBERTRUCK’ın kopyası yapıldı (via)
38. Sailboat Human Slingshot | DD Squad FPV Video 4K
39. Snow fun in Schenectady (via)
40. Totally Festive Terrier || ViralHog
41. Zoer, Solara, site-specific colorama on 144 automobiles, 2019 (via)
42. Some shenanigans of @aidanschmidy Doin his main squat and a warm up. (via)
44. Golden Retriever Dog Teaching People ‘How To Be A Good Boy’ (via)
45. Attenborough in 40 Animals (via)
46. The Scientist – Coldplay (Fingerstyle Guitar)
47. Light Painting LED-text wand-stick-thingie… with a race drone (via)

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