WIN Compilation JANUARY 2021 Edition | Best videos of the month December

We’re back with our regular monthly edition of the best new-ish videos of the internet. And with a new color… Thanks a lot for all your suggestion! We liked the idea of a tone symbolizing hope and freshness, so we went with a kind of lime color. To be exact: #4be21a. For being 2021 A+! Also we made some small changes to some animations and our thumbnail design – hope you like it?! Have a great start into the new year and lots of fun watching these 50 clips!

Enjoy & share! And stay safe! ❤️

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01. Browning snow services. God bless American rednecks! (via)
02. Seven Nation TESLA COIL Army (via)
03. Double Shovel 🤯🤯
04. When you still don’t know, what you love more more.. sport or wine.
05. High-Tech KAPLA Tricks (via)
06. TESTING my Grappling Gun – Built IRL
07. Peek at the #iOS #AR music visualizer app I’ve been working on. (via)
08. 「運ぶ」を楽しむ Vol.02 雪だるまを運ぶ (via)
09. “Pale – Burgundy” Paint mixing ASMR (via)
10. 🤣🤣 I’m so weak!!!
11. Lego Wrapping Paper Cutter (via)
12. Would you consider this “completing skateboarding”?
13. Do You Love Me? (via)
14. VOC-25 – A conceptual vocal synthesizer (via)
15 & 16. Dad Carries Completed Jigsaw Puzzle Through House
17. MASSIVE Trebuchet/Catapult First Test (via)
18. Npc in Cyberpunk 2077 is really playing guitar
19. Playing a Chocolate Record (Abridged) (via)
20. Ménage Trios…. “Turtle style” (via)
21. I see your 3d printed Mandalorian helmet and raise you a human scale LEGO Knight helmet! (via)
22. We make those!! 🏀😎
23. 京阪電車5000系 座席昇降実演イベント 中之島駅 5-door car seats lifting event, Keihan Electric Railway (2020.12.20) (via)
24. Ok 👍 Life Size too 🎄
25. 3D Schröder Staircase (via)
26. Bagger spielt mit Flugzeug (via)
27. Building a Candy Cane Catapult (via)
28. cheers (via)
29. Dodging my responsibilities like….#hockey 🪑 (via)
30. Double Dutch x House Dance (via)
31. Explosively hydroforming a steel sphere (via)
32. Drohnen zu Weihnachten anstatt Boeller zu Silvester!
33. Ship at sea, a LEGO automaton
34. Giving new meaning to ‘All time Fall time’ 🍂🍂🤯 (via)
35. Guy playing “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” piano while juggling balls (via)
36. Guy Pulls Off A Skateboard Flip Trick Mid-air, Jumping Between Ramps!
37. 1000 Paint-Covered Mousetraps in 4K Slow Motion – The Slow Mo Guys (via)
38. Our A380 playing Jingle Bells for you 🙂 (via)
39. “Anthony Howe Fabricates a Kinetic Wind Sculpture” (via)
40. Homemade Batsignal Reaches the Clouds (and how to make an image projector for yourself!) (via)
41. Putting 1,002 pieces of Jenga on 1 (WR) (1k sub celebration video) (via)
42. The Neighbor Doesn’t Even Try 🤣 | Hilarious Christmas Decoration (via)
43. Watch Baby Yoda Jam With Director Robert Rodriguez on Mandalorian Set (via)
44. “Viewed a flat today and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop thinking about the back door…” (via)
45. なんかもう友達とかいらないような気がしてきた (via)
46. Carol Of The Mandalorian | STAR WARS Christmas Mashup (Piano Cover)
47. The Great Wave off Kanagawa in LEGO (via)
48. Watercress Line – ‘Steam Illuminations’ 12/12/2020 (via)
49. PUMP UP THE JAM – sung by Damien Robitaille (via)
50. Lad Nails Bowling Strike After Initial Fail


  1. (EN) You are counting the “Dad Carries Completed Jigsaw Puzzle Through House” twice in the video with resouls in that your counting is by one off.

    (DE)Ihr zählt das video “Dad Carries Completed Jigsaw Puzzle Through House” doppelt. Alle nummern nach der 15 sind um eins verschoben. Habe ich Herrausgefunden, als ich ein Video von der original Quelle ankucken wollte.

    1. (EN) And “PUMP UP THE JAM – sung by Damien Robitaille” is double in the list. there for the video 40 was’nt linked

      With kind advice

      (DE) und “PUMP UP THE JAM – sung by Damien Robitaille” ist doppelt in der liste. Somit wurde das Video 40 Garnicht verlinkt.

      Mit Freundlichen Rechtweisung

      1. Thanks a lot for the hint! I corrected the list, so it fits again to the number shown in the video – you are right, the jigsaw-video was counted twice, but “PUMP UP THE JAM” was just mentioned where it was not shown (it’s in the compilation once, but was mentioned twice)

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