WIN Compilation DECEMBER 2021 Edition | Best videos of the month November

Is it December already?! 😱 Well, if you wanna procrastinate on shopping Christmas presents you can just our new WIN Compilations! This time we collected the best 51 new clips from last month for you. Since we’re closing in on 2022: What are your wishes for our videos/channel? What color should we pick for next year’s compilations? Should we change other aspects of our editing? We’d love to get your feedback in the comments! ❤️

Enjoy & share! And stay safe! ❤️

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01. Guy Curves Football Trick Shot From Hill Into Basketball Hoop
02. Best party trick I’ve ever seen (via)
03. Hot Wheels Treetop Track (via)
04. How I beat Breath of the Wild BLINDFOLDED (Great Plateau)
05. When They Say You Should Just Play Piano (via)
06. GUINEA PIG Driving A Toy Car! Funny Pet Videos (Guinea Pig Cars)
07. Meet the WIFI CONTROLLED FESTIVE MINI! 🎄 ❄️ (via)
08. Hold my beer while I ride this bike. 🥴🍺🚲 (via)
09. Can you improve the traditional egg timer? (via)
10. Another dream spot! 💫 (via)
11. Frenchie Dog Air Swimming While Held by Lady
12. Adding sad violins to my ex’s bs apology text featuring the incredible @lindseystirling ❤️ (via)
13. 105-year-old Julia ‘Hurricane’ Hawkins sets a new track-and-field record. (via)
14. Happy Playful Horse Plays With Its New Found Ball
15. Guy Lands a Basket Through a 2nd Floor Window With a Volleyball
16. Video shows pop-up synagogue in Ukraine unfolding like a book (via)
17. [Miniature] DIY MINI Functional Makita impact driver, 1/12 scale , 3D printed. (via)
18. A Machine That Can Only Draw 1 Line Patterns (via)
19. Achtung, Mittelinie, es klappert mächtig.. (via)
20. Can You Game on the World’s Smallest Monitor? (via)
21. Clever Bird separates Trash from Money (via)
22. DIY Bumblebee Transformer Costume – Homemade Transformer Costume (via)
23. Dogs have their own mini living room (via)
24. How to Paint a Wall in Under a Minute (via)
25. How to Transform a PIANO into a BBQ CAR (via)
26. Doggo Peacefully Floating in the Swimming Pool (via)
27. I Made A Giant Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich
28. I Created a Bizarre Musical Instrument (via)
29. I turned myself into a Lava Lamp for Halloween (DIY costume) (via)
30. Making Lego Car CROSS Gaps (via)
32. laying pipe is easy (via)
33. Marathon duck (via)
34. Papa Stellabrates His 80th Birthday (By Jumping In The Leaves) (via)
35. Playing banjo for a wild fox! He came back for an encore! (via)
36. I am a real painter 🎨 (via)
37. Num Num Cat TikTok Chain but its actually good lol (via)
38. The self-stirring stovetop #shorts (via)
39. Record for the Longest Catch at a Live Sporting Event – 109 Yards (via)
40. Reverse Toothpaste (via)
41. marker vs. eraser v2 (via)
42. Nunspeter Henry Temmermans verricht heldendaad op A28 (via)
43. This trick shot has NEVER BEEN DONE…until now 👀
44. Cool Video Game Music on A Lot of Different Instruments! (via)
45. This #streetfood vendor in #Thailand has got next level skills! (via)
46. Stuttgart‘s trams with a special cart for bikes just made my day (via)
47. violinist string BREAKS during Tchaikovsky (via)
48. カム機構を使って「アナログな7セグ」の繰り上がりに挑戦してみた。~mechanical 7-seg 4digit~ (via)
49. Life goes on and on and on ♾ (via)
50. Metallica – Master of Puppets (Piano Cover) (via)
51. Quand tu fais des efforts pour t’assimiler… (via)

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