Epic Trick Shots & Hilarious Moments | WIN Compilation “Some More WINs #3”

Surprise! We got one of our mid-monthly bonus videos for you. This time especially friends of trick shots and acrobatics should have a marvelous eleven-and-a-half minutes, but hopefully everyone of you will have a good time with these 74 clips we used in collaboration with ViralSnare.

Enjoy & share! And stay safe! ❤️

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Curated by wihel.de and langweiledich.net.

01. Chihuahua Balances on Owner Feet as He Handstands on Hoverboard
02. Double Bounce Ping Pong Trick Shot
03. Professional Billiard Lands a 7 Rail Trick Shot in Heart-shape
04. Trucker Plays Pirates of the Caribbean on Horns Chased by Police
05. Girl Juggling Three Hats on a Unicycle!
06. Boy Lands a Football Kick From Outside a Basketball Field
07. 8 Dogs on Omegle Got Paired With a Guy and His Cat!
08. Cat Joining Owner in Throwing It Back
09. 4k Footage of Milky Way Time Lapse at Campsite in South Africa
10. A Highline Stately Walk In Manley Beach, Australia
11. Man Works Out A Smart Trick On A Woman To Give Her A Flyer
12. Skateboard Handstand With a FingerFlip
13. Street Artist’s Dog Is the Best Cash Tips Collector
14. Man Balancing On One Arm With Weights on Other Hand and Leg
15. Flagman Dancing and Enjoying His Job Spreading Positivity
16. Hamster Running Around Trying Out All the Activities in His Play Area
17. Little Parrot Loves Dancing On His Dad’s Shoulder
18. 4.7mm Ball Bearing Juggle Catch In 5mm Metal Straw
19. A Funny Cockatoo Hysterically Laughing
20. A Harley Powered Milkman Car Donut Drifting
21. A Ping Pong Hydro Flask Trick Shot!
22. A Smart Toddler Is So Happy And Proud Of Herself
23. Adorable Dog Plays the Xylophone Then Receives a Treat
24. A Man Paragliding Above the Majestic Clouds
25. Aerialist Smoothly Performs A Magnificent Hair Hanging Combo
26. Baby’s Delightful Reaction to His First Ice-Cream
27. Backhand Disc Golf Far Trick Shot
28. Bored Guy in Quarantine Lands an Amazing Golf Trick Shot
29. Boy and Girl Doing a Volleyball Challenge on Waveboards
30. Boy Landing a Hard and Unique Soccer Ball Trick Shot
31. Double Cups Ping Pong Calculated Trick Shot
32. Firefighters Magically Getting Lots of Cones Out of a Flat Bag
33. Girl Enjoys Her Break by Juggling Rings While Drinking Water
34. Girl Laying On Her Back Juggling With Both Hands and Legs
35. Guy Beats The Wolt App By Using An Electric Whisk
36. Guy Juggles Soccer Ball Landing It in Hanging Tire Back Turned!
37. Girl Juggling Clubs While Hula Hooping With a Mouth Stick!
38. Girl Landing a Three Pointer With Her Back Turned
39. Girl Laying on Her Back and Juggling 5 Balls on Both Hands and Legs
40. Going Down a Water Slide in Style
41. Guy at Home Lands Golf Trick Shot
42. Guy Pulls a Full Planche Push Up While Girl Stood On His Back
43. Guy Juggling a Golf Ball While Balancing On a Slackline
44. Guy Landing Card Trick Shots Between Ping Pong Balls
45. Guy Puts On A Entertaining Show With His Partner, Juggling Clubs While On A Balance Board
46. Guy Lands a 360 Heel and Spin Half Court Trick Shot
47. Guy Lands a Rainbow Flick Trick Shot in Basketball Net
48. Guy Lands a Hockey Trick Shot on Ice Hockey Rink
49. Guy Lands a Ring on Handle While Throwing the Axe at a Target Board
50. Guy Nails Football No Look Backheel Trick Shot in Basketball Net
51. Guy Rides His Bike Around The Mall And The Underground When The Parks Are Closed
52. Guy Skillfully Lands Bouncing Basketball Trick Shots
53. Guy Smoothly Drove His Boat Up A Dock
54. Guy Stacks and Flips Cups in 7 Seconds!
55. Kid Tries to Pet a Cute Dog but Gets Surprised With Another
56. Man Balancing On Ladder and Juggling In Driveway
57. Plate Spinning Juggling While Hula-Hooping on Unicycle
58. Man Flies Around A Warehouse, Hanging From An Industrial Hook Like A Superhero
59. Man Lands a 3 Pointer in Style With His Back Turned
60. Parrot Relaxing In Inflatable Donut in a Glass Tray With Water
61. Performers Rehearsing Juggling Rolla Bolla Plus Aerial Teeth Hang
62. Ping Pong Double Trick Shot on a Stand and a Hair Dryer!
63. Precious Retriever Loves Sliding Over Slushy Snow
64. Preciouses Dog Helping His Mom Do Some Leg Raises
65. Man Juggling Fire Torches While Riding a Unicycle in the Street
66. Guy Scores A Basketball Shot Without Looking, When His is Friend On His Shoulder
67. She Didn’t Expect This Unboxing Her Husband’s Valentine Gift
68. Sweet Dog Follows Owner Lifted Signs While Enjoying Treats
69. Talented Guy Juggles A Pen And A Pea Seed And Sticks It On Top
70. Man Spins Hoops, Juggles Clubs And Stands On Balance Board All Lit Up With Fire
71. Sweet Dog Morning Frisbee Training With Owner
72. Sweet Dog Pushes His Dog Sister Around On A Wheelchair
73. This Adorable Akita Dog Is The Groom’s Best Man!
74. Over 100000 Starlings Amazing Aerial Display at Dusk

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