WIN Compilation FEBRUARY 2020 Edition | Best of January

Wow, we’re overwhelmed! You already helped us a lot to reach our New Year’s resolution of hitting the 100K subscriber mark in 2020. Over the first month of the year we gathered over 7,000 new WINNERS – welcome to you all! As a result we kinda went overboard with our new compilation and seem to have broken a few records… Never has there been a longer normaly monthly edition. 71(!) clips in about 14 minutes running time. Hopefully this longer take on editing suits you? Also thanks for all your kind feedback regarding our new design and your participation in our first poll – as you see, we followed your voice and did change… nothing. 😉

Enjoy & share!

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01. Family guy pipe organ cover (via)
02. Half Court Buzzer Beater || ViralHog
03. “Tell me again, what instrument do you play?” (via)
04. Girl Walks Over Hurdles While Doing Handstand – 1092735
05. Guy Amazingly Jumps and Does Backflip to Kick Board Held Four Meters High – 1098730 (via)
06. Sleeping Beauty Proposal (via)
07. Drawing Glass 2020 (via)
08. Amazing Giant Jenga Golf Trickshots| Holein1trickshots (via)
09. School of juvenile striped eel catfish in Jemeluk Bay with Abyss Dive Center Bali (via)
10. Thank you @SouthwestAir for making my son’s day on our flight last week. (via)
11. ‘That is ridiculous’: brilliant bowls shot lights up World Indoor Championships (via)
12. Girl Fully Bends Backward to Pick Glasses From Floor Using Her Mouth – 1097058
13. Guy Amazingly Makes Popping Vapor Bubbles – 1088486-2
14. Billie Jean But Every Instrument Is A Spring Door Stopper (via)
15. It’s cold enough in Calgary today that you can play frisbee with your shirt! (via)
16. Tiny Horse Playing With Leaf Blower
17. Lachy Doley jamming VOODOO CHILD on the Whammy Clavinet (via)
18. Slide (via)
19. GIANT Paper Airplane off a HUGE Mountain
20. Every individual color of a sun’s beam got reflected in my mirror (via)
21. Perfecting the wall stand. 😱💪👏 (via)
22. Is This The Gnarliest Trick Ever Done At The Berrics?!
23. It’s been a long time to create this without disturbing the vultures. (via)
24. The Dinner Feeder – How To Get More Work Done At Dinner
25. Dog Rings Doorbell to Come Back Inside || ViralHog
26. Guy Amazingly Throws Knife Through a Ring – 1099242-1
27. Beethoven “Moonlight Sonata” for Old Elephant (via)
28. Grey parrots help others to obtain food (via)
29. 43837 (via)
30. 8 wheeled Fiat by Garage 54 (via)
31. 16-Month-Old Hoverboard Baby (via)
32. 2019 Pashkour ! 😊 2020 will be better I promise 🙌 (via)
33. A Handpainted Anamorphic Glass Sculpture With Four Hidden Images (via)
34. Arab guy calls the hotel reception to complain about a mouse in his room. Listen to how he describes (via)
35. Baby’s first taste of ice cream 🍦 (via)
36. chiots-pendus (via)
37. Cop Shows Off Hilarious Moves At Los Angeles Clippers Game (via)
38. Crazy Trickshot (via)
39. Cutting Water with Scissors (via)
40. Darth Maul Ping Pong
41. Dog Sits on Chair and Taps Owner Sitting at Airport to Get a Hug – 1094179
42. Drumming Duck Drops Beat with a Snare || ViralHog (via)
43. Flush for motorcyclists (via)
44. GOTTA SEE IT: Colin White Head-Butts Puck Into Net For No-Goal Of The Year Candidate (via)
45. BBC: Dracula (via)
46. Handmade Stratocaster Guitar Out of Cardboard (via)
47. Goose prade 🎺🦆💓 (via)
48. Incredibly creative road in Holland where the right speed produces the correct key (via)
49. Invisible Skater Loop! Can you name all that tricks!!?? 😁 (via)
50. Dog smiles upside down (via)
51. Jurassic Derp (via)
52. J’ai pas les mots
53. kind-brokoli (via)
54. Man’s Beard Freezes In Sub-Zero Temperatures (via)
55. Maybe the greatest airport reunion ever (via)
56. Mini Cybertruck Pulls Mercedes R Class || ViralHog (via)
57. Pekka Rinne Scores a Goal(Goalie Goal) (via)
58. Roof Scraper Makes Easy Work of Cleaning Snow || ViralHog (via)
59. Simon Isaksson Does The First Street Loop | Sour Files 15 (via)
60. This Amazing Sitting Bull Portrait Made from 20,000 Dice (via)
61. This is how Harry Potter movie was shot…😂😂 (via)
62. This Smart Parrot Knows His Way Around The Kitchen And Can Get Himself Some Tap Water
63. This Woman Took Ball Juggling To A Whole New Level (via)
64. trou-peche-glace (via)
66. Wrestlers play rock paper scissors (via)
67. Y’all gonna lose y’all minds when the Glizzy Vending Machine makes it’s debut on y’all campus 😬 (via)
68. But is this skateboarding? 🤔 📹: @allaspectsinc ⚫️⚪️ (via)
69. 世界に一つだけの鼻 (via)
70. I MISS YOU (BLINK182) – Luca Stricagnoli
71. Horse Got So Festive For The New Year (via)


    1. Sorry, but we don’t have a list of songs. But normally you find information about used tracks within the description / comments of the linked original videos or are able to shazam them. Otherwise feel free to ask in the comment section of your compilations, maybe other viewers know it? Good luck!

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