WIN Compilation SEPTEMBER 2020 Edition | Best of August

Welcome to the last third of 2020. As everything is going down the drain, maybe you’d be so kind to help us reach our year’s resolution? Only about 2K are missing to breach the subscriber mark of 100 thousand! We can do this, right?! To motivate you helping us spreading the word, take a look at these 49 new clips that should make ten and a half minutes of your 2020 at least a tiny bit less awful.

Enjoy & share! And stay safe! ❤️

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01. [Video: a construction worker shoveling dirt as children on the other side of the fence yell “YAY!” every time dirt is moved.] (via)
02. Insane Double Backwards Basketball Trickshot
03. Vacilei logo no final 😩😩😩😂😂😂 (via)
04. GoPro Inside a Car Tire (While Driving) (via)
05. Mario Kart 2.0
06. Ew he rides a scooter
07. How I Deal With Kids Playing in My Driveway | The Saga of My Driveway Racetrack (via)
08. Frisbee Trickshot That Will Blow Your Mind
09. 91-year-old Woman Goes Zip Lining To Celebrate Her Birthday
10. Mind-blowing Barrier Grid Animation
11. Guy Pulls Off Incredible Flip Off A Russian Swing
12. Italian pigeons are the best (via)
13. Sound (via)
14. How To Make A Snack Out Of Your Friend!
15. Spraying a Car in the WORLD’S BRIGHTEST Glow in the Dark Pigments (via)
16. Man Rides A Sled Down A Green Hill
17. Shadow Play 🏐 #beach #volleyball (via)
18. JET ENGINE CANOE! (World’s Fastest!) (via)
19. Guy Pulls A Cornhole Trick Shot From The Third Floor
20. Eaglehawk Cowboys (via)
21. No Hand Wheelie Challenge – Amazing Stunt
22. Milwaukee 1/4″ impact partial hand prosthetic device (via)
23. Piloting a GIANT MECH! (via)
24. Just a little mid-week Dance Party going on in our Avian & Exotics department! (via)
25. Doggo Takes A Horse For A Walk
26. Tallest Mohawk – Guinness World Records (via)
27. Building the worlds longest SKATEBOARD!! 25 feet!! (via)
28. accurate GIF (via)
29. Ballpoint (via)
31. Das Bockwurstklavier (via)
32. 117426329 303732091052708 6001371427381089901 n GIF (via)
33. Has it really come to this ……?!! (via)
34. Here’s one more of that dual threaded rod from @ironmenindustries I saw today (via)
35. How to make pasta spin endlessly – Infinity Pasta Magic experiment (via)
36. If your dog doesn’t like his dog food, try this trick! (via)
37. Latest Flight Testing! (via)
38. This Will Make Your Day Better (via)
39. polarized glasses iphone (via)
40. Shooting Masks onto People’s Faces (via)
41. Slow Motion Pool Trick Shots (via)
42. Softstop™ Barrier System by LASERVISION (via)
43. The colorist SNAPPED (via)
44. Waiting for students to arrive to the zoom lecture.
45. What prevents you from doing this? (via)
46. World First 360 Double Backflip Tailwhip on BMX! (via)
47. Zur Lage
48. Una maravilla. Desayuno con estilo (via)
49. Dad Throws Football Off The Roof For His Son To Catch From A Moving Car


  1. Can you help me find a video I may have seen in one of your compilations?

    In the video, there’s this guy who’s jigsaw-cutting a wood plank to fit onto the bottom border of his wall without measuring anything. He just straight up winged it and somehow made a right cut and the wooden piece perfectly fits. What’s good about the video is how the man is so pleased and happy after it. I thought, I’d like to see it again but I just couldn’t find it elsewhere.

    Does this ring a bell?

    1. Not sure whether we had that one. I can remember one or two other ones, but they had not been done hands free and I can’t find them anyways in one of our compilations. Sorry. 🙁

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