WIN Compilation OCTOBER 2020 Edition | Best of September

Hello beloved people! 👋 More in demand than the PlayStation 5, more entertaining then a presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, and celebrated slightly more than the “Day of German unity” here in our country – we’re back with 51 awesome clips from recent weeks in 10:08 minutes of high-class entertainment! Hope you like it.

Enjoy & share! And stay safe! ❤️

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01. Flying Bedroom (via)
02. Scoring Golf Trick Shot Into A Cup Placed On Moving Toy Corvette
03. When You Wanna Be A Musician But Ball Is Life
04. Bicycle dance moves you must watch to believe! (via)
05. Ребята, огненная новость!
06. Dog Wakes Up As Soon As He Smells Treat And Swallows It Down
07. College Mattress Dominos
08. Adorable Penguin Watches Pingu On iPad (via)
09. Guy Lands A Clean Double Backflip On His Bmx
10. Things always seem terrible around here, but yesterday my daughter saw her first waterfall and I got to watch her face.
11. This Square Can Roll Like a Ball (via)
12. Medical Professor Performs Amazing Juggling Tricks
13. Captain America frisbee throw (via)
14. When your girl wants to get brunch on NFL Sunday. Improvise.
15. Booking DJ gigs like this guy for the rest of 2020. (via)
16. Rooster tries to scare off dog and ends up playing a hilarious game of chase (via)
17. Doggo Smoothly Rides Surfing Board Across The Pool
18. Guy Landed A Foot Switch Standing Between The Dorm Walls
19. Long Football Shot Into A Car Trunk
20. I created a video lens that uses hand gestures to show comic-book style messages instead.
21. Rocket League but I make all the sounds by myself
22. Lamb Truck (via)
23. Man Puts Googly Eyes On Products Whilst Shopping (via)
24. How To Become A Wizard Using Only A Broom And A Crane
25. Cat helps for the Pool Trick Shot (via)
26. 5 System of a Down riffs on hurdy gurdy (via)
27. Here is a 5 minutes video From Tuesday evening compressed into 22 seconds. (via)
28. 18×Jayjinho at its best-Its pure #trickshots #cardshot
29. Banjo Beats (via)
30. Filming at 1000fps in Reverse – The Slow Mo Guys (via)
31. Dad uses 100% of brain 2 (via)
32. Fuck a land (via)
33. How to make Amazing Motorcycle (Ducati 899 Panigale) from Popsicle Sticks (via)
34. I Built a Guitar Out of 50 Pounds of Salt (via)
35. FM POC with Telexistence Model-T (via)
36. Ironman Helmet mk5 (via)
37. It worked!!!! Only Just Getting Started. (via)
39. Maybe maybe maybe (via)
40. my daughter is terrible at hide and seek (via)
41. Moving hoop won’t let you miss
42. It’s Pregnancy Test Doom! (via)
43. Ventor from Kreator playing the Biggest Drumkit in the World at Turock in Essen, Germany (via)
44. My Halloween Zip Line for Social Distancing (via)
45. Typewriter Art for Essex Vol. 2 (via)
46. Stade Brests Irvin Car­dona Goal (via)
47. With a little help from my friend… WAIT FOR IT! 😳😂
48. おでかけピンキーちゃん、はじめての東京駅!Tokio Tower (via)
49. Dan Dubuque covering THE PIXIES’ “Where Is My Mind?” from SURFER ROSA (via)
50. 👾👽👺👺👆🏻💫⚽🏀
51. Thursday is trampoline day 😆🙃🐾 (via)

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