WIN Compilation: Epic & Joyfull Moments (Some More WINs #6)

Surprise, surprise! We got another bonus video for you. 🙌 Well, two, to be exact. In addition to our monthly exclusive compilation on Patreon (go on, head over there:, we got around a nice collection of clips that are too “old” for our usual monthly editions or the upcoming “Rest of” / “Best of” for the year 2024. But nevertheless these WINs are too good to not feature them on our channel. So habe fun with these 60 clips and 12 minutes of awesomeness. P.S.: We’re not sure yet, but might be that our June Edition will arrive some time later than usual. Just so you know.

Enjoy & share!

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01. A guy pulls off a great flip on a scooter
02. Today was amazing! Thanks everyone for the follows, shares, likes and comments. 🫶 Cheers!
03. Evolution of playing the Laundry Machine… (via)
04. One hand lift-up
05. Clever crow outsmarts TWO turkey vultures with ONE move (via)
06. Badu sings the blues #cat (via)
07. Spaghetti Ears (via)
08. Pointing with a tape measure
09. Square-Wheeled Tricycle (via)
10. Replacing a lightbulb with a drone
11. I know I shared the pictures, but I never shared the video. One of my coolest dad moments ever❤️ (via)
12. 🍫🍫🍡🍡🍭🍭 (sweets drawer organized) (via)
13. Paper pull-outs (via)
14. When it looks impossible to get out this (tight parking spot)
15. Doggo is a better goalie than most prem league gks
16. Door Does Impression of Miles Davis (via)
17. Painting made to appear as if it were a cut out project
18. Welcome to Cony Hawk (via)
19. The folding process of origami Samurai Warrior (via)
20. He would beat Darth Maul easily
21. A Roomba that CAN FLY! (via)
22. Peter Bastian is playing a straw like a double reed instrument (via)
23. Dont worry they know jokes 😂 meme stickers (via)
24. Aaron Gwin Chainless Win Leogang 2015 World Cup DH MTB (via)
25. I can’t get over how freakin’ cool this is from @Wallmasterr (projection mapping pop-up book game) (via)
26. Cute Lamb Needs Attention (via)
27. Insane WORLDS first🤘🛹
28. Lonely Backside Wheel (via)
29. Pianist plays with all 10 fingers for the first time in 25 years with the help of bionic hands
30. Cute chinchilla stands and holds a happy birthday balloon! (via)
31. Cats and horses become good friends 🐎😺 (via)
32. Czyszczenie laserem drewnianych drzwi || Wooden doors laser cleaning (via)
33. Guy Fist Bump Strangers for a Treat in the Streets
34. “If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention.” (Game of Thrones Book Art) (via)
35. The cameraman did the deed right and we would have missed the magic had we relied on the lady. 🤦‍♀️
36. 🌊 Surfing on High Heels
37. IRONMAN CAT helmet (via)
38. We’ve kindly donated our fur so the birdies can make their nests warm & cozy 🤗 (via)
39. Wow! It’s been one year since we painted this mural that went crazy viral! (Marvel Wall) (via)
40. chipping wood in a tire
41. Concert tour at 77N (via)
42. Funny and skillful 👏👏 (Swinging bamboo brigde in China) (via)
43. 151 domino shots #idealcocktails #idea #bartender (via)
44. Electronic Hourglass | DIY Digital Hourglass | Arduino Hourglass | Cyber Hourglass | Gravity Sensing (via)
45. He was BIG chillen 😂😂. (via)
46. Shoe and sock change while riding! – Stage 9 – La Vuelta 2017 (via)
47. Ctoom telescope wood castle (via)
48. Sword in a pencil (via)
49. A group of people cleaned a heavily polluted river in 3 hours
50. automata方舟 (via)
51. One arm muscle-up. (via)
52. Different but the Same: City in the Forest – Flip-Discs Art Installation (via)
53. INSANE E-bike Penny Farthing – Hubless, Motorized High Wheel electric bicycle build Penn-E-Farthing (via)
54. Water and LEGO in slow motion
55. 親子の視点 parent and Child (via)
56. guy in black t-shirt came in clutch
57. Trombone Drag Racing (via)
58. I’m so excited @eatbanza has a new product dropping tomorrow so I made this embroidery to celebrate 🎉 (via)
59. How to wrap without using tape #gift #effectivespaces #hack (via)
60. Make A Layered Sculpture From Playing Cards (via)

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