WIN Compilation APRIL 2021 Edition | Best videos of the month March

Congratulations, you survived another month! As a reward we have a new WIN Compilation for you with 44 of the best videos from last month, fresh and hand-selected clips that we find feature-worthy enough to brighten your day and mood and maybe even teeth, who knows?! Better hit that like and subscribe buttons to be sure…

Enjoy & share! And stay safe! ❤️

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01. Daft Punk – Get Lucky (Calculator Cover) (via)
02. Magic Lil Nas (via)
03. Lads Kick Football Into Wind Turbine
04. 😩😩 (via)
05. Playing the piano while lying in bed
07. DREAM GOAL ALERT! 🚨 Tjek lige denne drømmekasse, @delayneydk satte ind til dagens træning 😱 (via)
08. Since y’all requested the extended version!! 🎺 #trumpetgirl (via)
09. I love hopping things, or islands.. 🤪 (via)
10. #stitch с jaytooofit только так теперь буду их открывать (via)
11. Baby Lends Helping In Opening Fridge For Dad
12. I Made a Real Mirror That Doesn’t Reflect If You Don’t Smile (via)
13. Спасение ребенка со льдины на спиннинг. Рыбалка в Киеве 2021 (via)
14. Machine applies makeup in under 5 seconds (Final machine)
15. Pooch Helps Out Owner By Knocking Pool Ball Into Pocket
16. You just got COCONUT MALLED
17. Real Iron Man Expandable Briefcase Suit – FULL METAL!! (Iron Man Mark 5 Armor) (via)
18. World’s Largest Ice Carousel | 30 000 TONS of Spinning Ice! (via)
19. Making the Longest 1:1 Lego Gear Train (via)
20. A Violin Played with the Mouth (building a vietnamese dan k’ni) (via)
21. @farmhoops (basketball rebound machine) (via)
22. Stop-Motion Trampoline! (via)
23. Making a WIND-UP Marble Machine! (via)
24. A Robot Who Does Magic – Follow the Foil Ball! (via)
25. Electric Ice Skates That Can Also Be a Meat Grinder (via)
26. Who says you can’t play games on a Mac 😌
27. Damn! Can you do this?
28. MAGIC ☺️! This sweet boy in Italy believes by holding his parents’ hands he can make the water travel from one mouth to the other 😁 💦 (via)
29. “Wild Geese Flying In Perfect Formation With A Boat” (via)
30. How do I make a round dice set? (via)
31. Man With No Arms Chops Wood in Czech Republic (via)
32. Smart table moving (via)
33. I Play 14 String Guitar (via)
34. no matter what you think is gonna happen in this video, you’re wrong (via)
35. Starlings making the shape of a bird (via)
36. I TURN a SHAVER into a WAR MACHINE (via)
37. Reaction wheel balancing cube (via)
38. Short compilation of some of my sack tricks😂🙌
39. tfitbaker abdominal training (via)
40. Mechanical Turbo Tank by Elemental_Lego (via)
41 (39). Your favorite baby, he came to the long jump again today (via)
42 (41). Difficult like Sunday Morning 🍋 🎶
43 (42). His talent was a 12/10!
44 (43). Sometimes you just need to let go!

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