WIN Compilation MARCH 2022 Edition | Best videos of the month February

Sorry, we’re a bit late due to some more work on the video and February being surprisingly short again… Initially we wanted to cheerfully tell you about an exciting new element we added to our compilation, but at this moment life isn’t great in Europe, to say the least. It feels a bit dull to present some easy-breazy-funny clips while war is going on. So we totally get when you don’t feel like watching our new compilation. But maybe this curation of feel-good-content with all it’s positivity and heart can be a small relieve or at least some distriction from the cruelity of life. May your next ten minutes be as peacefully as possible. 💛💙 #MakeWinNotWar

P.S.: We nevertheless implemented the “new thing” and would be happy to hear your thoughts about it. Yay or nay? 🤔

Enjoy & share! And stay safe! ❤️

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01. Emile’s current mood: unflinching anticipation. (via)
02. Performer Pulls Multiple Back Flips on a Slackline as Crowd Cheers and Announcer Hypes It Up
03. DIY WINTER OLYMPICS! Siblings Recreate Curling Match On Driveway
04. Girl Throw a Pen and It Bounces off the Wall and Goes in Cup Unintentionally
05. 🤫
06. I Draw By Eraser On White Paper – DP ART DRAWING
07. Guy Hits the Golf Ball Over Another and Drains the Golf Ball in the Hole
08. Иногда, идеи инсталляций баланса мне подсказывают мои подписчики. (via)
09. Africa by Toto but its played on instruments in Majora’s Mask (via)
10. Girl Pulls a Jump Rope Combination on a Half Inch Tightrope
11. 1/87 Smart DIY micro RC car (via)
12. A45 Rahmedetalbrücke Mural Art — Lasst uns Brücken bauen #bridgeplease (via)
13. Cat Rehearses a Routine With a Lady Doing Contortion
14. Imaginary Forest With Vinyl Bleeps (via)
15. INSANE HIGH JUMPS! Roller Skater Jumps Over High Beam
16. Figure Walking to Dover Castle Accompanied by Illuminated Star Lights and Drumbeat
17. Pianist Learns Songs by Ear on OMEGLE
18. “Lamborghini” 🏎 (via)
19. Wanted to feel the BIKE in Game (via)
20. A Border Collie gently guiding ducklings to some water…😇🐥🐶 (via)
21. This guy snowboards uphill (via)
22. A handful of harmonicas… (via)
23. Crazy Rocketman: Riding the “Beast” jet engine go kart. (via)
24. Humans. Of course. #Eunice #StaySafe (via)
25. A Kinetic Wall Sculpture by Felipe Pantone Spins in a Hypnotic Reel of Endless Color (via)
26. Cats and Marble Run
27. Making it in a single trip, final boss (via)
28. Caterpillar and Woodpile (via)
29. He really did that 😦😳
30. Finely tuned blow to the billiard ball (via)
31. Playing bass with a bow actually sounds HEAVENLY (via)
32. I Tried the Drum Gyroscope (via)
34. When you’re a goalkeeper, you need to expect the unexpected… (via)
35. oi nasa (via)
36. Mitch Parkinson Steals Joel Parkinson’s Board After Drop In (via)
37. Making a Dress out of 2000+ Pennies (via)
38. this is beyond cute
39. I have nothing to hide. #shorts #funny #diwhy (via)
40. Watch this little guy clean his eyes (via)
41. The Biggest Folding Knife that Works (via)
42. The little girl covers her pet’s ears to avoid the scare of fireworks. (via)
43. Up high on #elcapitan! (via)
44. Very intelligent heifer on my Dad’s farm in Cornamona! Can open the gate herself!! (via)
45. ¡GOL! ❤️🖤 Johan Venegas con este golazo empata el juego para Alajuelense. 🔥🥵 (via)
46. Heute morgen nach dem Gottesdienst…
47. “So how was your day today at work?” “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” (via)


  1. Please, please, please without voiceover from next month on. I could not even watch one minute if it. Not having any voice content was the main draw.

    1. Thanks for your input. Even though we can’t understand how people seem to be unable to watch the whole video (it can’t be THAT bad and you’re still able to decrease the volume, but okay…), we won’t continue doing it, no worries. 🙂

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