WIN Compilation SEPTEMBER 2022 Edition | Best videos of the month August

Happy birthday to us! 🥳
New month, new compilation! 🙌 Here are the best 54 videos from last month, put together in 9:39 minutes of inspiring entertainment. Let us know in the comments, what clip you like the most! If you happen to find a suiting clip for one of our future compilations, let us know as well.

Enjoy & share! And stay safe! ❤️

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01. Super Mario 64 Intro – but it’s Claymation (via)
02. Noooooo!! Yesssss!! 🚀 Tag someone that needs to step up there docking skills 💯 (via)
03. Big #HouseoftheDragon night in New York City apartments @HBO
04. This wasn’t in the training manual!
05. Goodbye plastic straws. This man just saved sea turtles. (via)
06. #newpuppy (via)
07. Pokémon Green to finish the set of first gen games.
08. moonwalking UNDERWATER 👞💧🎩 (via)
09. Nicolas Cage basket while on a ladder spinning a racket a Ilie Nastase tennis racket.
10. Ich mag ja Leute, die Ihren Job mit Leidenschaft machen. Deshalb feier ich auch diesen Eisverkäufer voll ab!
11. Dog Helps Owner Cut Down Tree
12. SAVE OF THE YEAR (via)
13. A little lettering and a quick pinstripe! (via)
14. Ok (via)
15. Incredible Bike Tricks 😱 Meets Beautiful Austrian Landscape 😍 (via)
16. Dog Places Its Ball on the Escalator Then Wait for It to Be Thrown Back
17. The way this gorilla slides up to the glass. (via)
18. Girls Dancing While Wearing Led Stickman Costumes in Darkness
19. 10 Family Members Created an Intricate Basketball Trickshot Around a Pool
20. Ameca facial motion capture (via)
21. balloons are chaotic
22. Lighting Bolt Lit up the Sky in Slow Motion Streaking From Right to Left Side
23. Oxford symphony orchestra absolutely slapped #truckfestival
24. I Landed A Rocket Like SpaceX (via)
25. Celtic Fc vs Aberdeen 31/07/22
26. Amazing House Aquarium with Tunnel (via)
27. Girl Floating on the Water Surface as Sharks Swim Underneath
28. A Playfully Grotesque Monster Peeks Out of Danaé Brissonnet’s Ravenous Mural in Montréal (via)
29. Skateboarder Barely Balances Himself Attempting a Trick
30. Candy pillow drop
31. Rainbow colored scarf cloud over Haikou city in China (via)
32. Easy drawing with a ruler – DP ART DRAWING
33. Lego train almost colliding on a loop (via)
34. Chocolate Skateboard! 🛹 The coolest snack this summer! (via)
35. Talk about some serious skills! (via)
36. Guy Going for a Fs 50 on a Massive Ledge and Landing It
37. Guy Pulls a Bouncing Trickshot Into a Hoop by a Swimming Pool
38. Is corn a conspiracy? 😂 🌽 #recesstherapy (via)
39. I used both FEET and HANDS to create 6 realistic portraits upside down (via)
40. Jamie Foxx can sound just like Donald Trump 💯😂 (via)
41. Le but de l’année de Livolant #LavalEAG (via)
42. “Man greeted by Otter Pup in the water”
43. This is how legends are made. (via)
44. This sheep thinks its a dog
45. With the dog days of summer in full swing, raise a paw if you’re planning a camping trip with your four-legged friends!
46. We fit a wheel straight to the propshaft (via)
47. Grandpa has some serious moves!
48. Vet and Bird Groove During a Physical Exam
49. When both of your parents are news anchors
50. When you get a World Record but have to stay quiet…
51. Wood choppers chopping wood with a wood chopping chopper. (via)
52. Worker with a great skill in mooring boats (via)
53. Precious Puppy Climbs the Steps to Reach Owner
54. Practicing Forklift safety with @daltondern over @oc_ramps Headquarters!

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