WIN Compilation MAY 2022 Edition | Best videos of the month April

We’re one day late with our monthly compilation due to a German holiday and Maik working on “MusicVidle”, a Wordle for music videos. When you’ve watched these 10 minutes of entertainment, containing 52 fresh clips from last month, feel free to head over to and play the game! ▶️🎵

Enjoy & share! And stay safe! ❤️

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01. Biker Barely Holds on After Landing From a Jump Across the Street and Manages Not to Crash
02. Recreating the Netflix Intro with Yarn
03. iBin (via)
04. Quelle force 😱 (via)
05. Cat Mimics a Lady Who’s Doing Yoga While Standing on a Mat
06. Halftime: Spring Game 2022 (via)
07. MusicVidle
08. Badminton Player Make Great Badminton Trick Shot Into Moomin Mug
09. Things that happened in the multiverse today (via)
10. I Write Sins Not Tragedies on Boomwhackers!
11. Easy Way to Create Practical Debris Effects!
12. Guy Pulls the Tablecloth Trick Using Puppy, as a Table, and an Orange
13. Guy Throws a Straw Across the Room and Lands It on Fork’s Tine
14. N Scale Micro Layout inside a Table(side table) (via)
15. Girl Using Her Foot to Juggle Two Balls While Drinking Coconut Water
16. Baby In Costume Meets Winnie The Pooh! // CUTE KIDS
17. Lifting patio stones with a shopvac (via)
18. Lazy Beagle Getting Pulled Over the Grass While He Enjoys Every Second and Wags His Tail
19. Lady Meets Anika, Human-Like Android, at CES 2022 and Asks Her for a Selfie as It Smiles
20. Husband Finds Out About Pregnancy | HEARTWARMING MOMENTS
21. Manatee Drinking Water Dripping From a Boat While Laying on Its Back by Water Surface
22. Qual ficou melhor desses personagens? ☺️
23. Beautiful Freezing Bubbles Forming Unique Patterns as the Sun Reflects Upon It
24. How to Be a Better Fren (via)
25. Aladdin – A Whole New World (via)
26. Definitely wait for it. (via)
27. Der Moment, wenn du auf Twitch keinen DMCA-Strike haben willst, aber das Spiel zu 100% genießen möchtest…
28. Flying snoopy doghouse (via)
29. Frozen Bubbles Forming in Frozen Water Shot From up Close
30. Ever try bowling at a skate park? (via)
31. Guy and Lady Passing 6 Whips at Each Other While Cracking Them Same Time
32. Hands down ; the best accessory.
33. Guy Feeding a Squirrel That Comes to His Office Door for Peanuts
34. How to Make RC Forklift from Cardboard (via)
35. Making an Ellipse
36. Making a mechanical whale – Short Version (via)
37. When no one is around to boop this dog’s snoot, he boops it himself.
38. LEGO Flip Walker • Design Breakdown (via)
39. I Play the Coolest Instrument (via)
40. On a hike and stuck my phone in Harding Creek and saw this little guy! 🦎 (via)
41. Printed Circuit Bird (Bluejay), 2022 (via)
42. PS5 from the 1983 TV (via)
43. Spray Foam Nightmare??? Carving an Eagle out of Steel, Foam & Tires (via)
44. Planter at Memphis Botanical Garden. (via)
45. The f*ckery is strong in this one. (via)
46. When a PVC pipe multi-flute becomes an orchestra (via)
47. Squirrel in my backyard interrupted a bank meeting today (OC) (via)
48. X YUMMY X (via)
49. Taylor Hawkins’ Rockin’1000 tribute | Turin 2022 (via)
50. Two Dogs Wagging Their Tails in Sync Like Windshield Wiper
51. Covered in 9,740 mirrored panels, this building is in the middle of the desert
52. It keeps getting better and better

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