WIN Compilation JULY 2021 Edition | Best videos of the month June

Summer is here! 🌞 Maybe a bit too much at some point, but whether you’re sweating or being cold, we got the perfect thing for you: a new “WIN Compilation” with 53 of the best clips from the last month! This should distract you for solid eleven minutes, yay.

Enjoy & share! And stay safe! ❤️

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01. Happy birthday Dave hope you love your cake! (via)
02. Johnatha Bastos – Aleluia
03. Guys Lands a Basketball 26.50m Backwards Shot
04. Real Captain America Shield That Actually Bounces Back! – OVER 100 FT BOUNCE!!! (via)
05. Esto es muy #rosa 😍 #helado #icecream (via)
06. Chocolate Lion!!
07. Aujourd’hui j’ai joué avec des Lego Looney Tunes de @legofrance_official et @warnerbrosfr. (via)
08. Surprising Humans with Their Pictures (via)
09. The Pizza-Making Contraption | Joseph’s Machines
10. Sheep in fast motion. (via)
11. DIY Fire Ignition ROCKET Desktop Case 自製點火启动式火箭電腦機箱【手工耿Handy Geng 】 (via)
12. Baby Can’t Stop Giggling After Going Into The Sea For The First Time
13. Life was so simple when this remix 1st came out 😩💯🔥🔥🔥 (via)
14. DJing In A Flying Airship | 1 Hour House Mix (via)
15. $16,000 tip left by New Hampshire restaurant customer (via)
16. Homemade Disneyland Star Tours Attraction (Full Ride Experience) (via)
17. I Dotted More Than 100,000 Dots To Draw This Drawing – DP ART DRAWING (via)
18. added some whimsy to our yard (via)
19. 一块木头锯凿打磨,无钉子胶水,做成新一代平面鲁班凳【阿木爷爷】 (1080p_24fps_H264-128kbit_AAC) (via)
20. DRY ICE CLEANING completely original 1971 Porsche 911T (via)
21. This is so funny as you can tell by my squeaking voice😂 also I think they’re geese?
22. I am a trained professional on a closed course. Do not attempt! (via)
23. when a jazz guitarist plays “Master of Puppets” by Metallica (via)
24. Coming over Erieau right now.
26. b44skii Baaska Enkhbaatar #circus #cirque #circuslife
27. “/*/” (via)
28. “Take On Me” Performed By Hitting Myself In The Face (via)
29. BICYCLE powered CAR! (via)
30. GET OVER HERE! Scorpion/Mortal Kombat Rope Dart Trick Shots 2 (via)
31. Audio illusion leaves people split over what crowd are actually saying (via)
32. Hypnotic Lighter in extreme Slow Motion (via)
33. “Guy Takes His Parrots Out To Fly Around The Neighborhood While Riding His Bike GOPRO CAM” (via)
34. I Built a Bass Out of 2000 LEGO
35. hahahaha jaloers op deze grap (via)
36. Insane Hubless Bicycle (via)
37. LEGO Great Ball Contraption: FiveTilted Rings (via)
38. How stadium seats are restored (via)
39. Man Can Twist Head Almost 180 Degrees | Public Forum | Viral Video | Do not try this at home! (via)
40. Man Uses Leaf Blower To Showcase Sound Of Aztec Death Whistle (via)
41. Sometimes it’s nice to sit on the sun and paint in the floor (via)
42. ModernDayCaveman’s First Walmart Experience (via)
43. Yoyo champion Hunter Feuerstein demonstrates his “DNA” trick (via)
44. “More, more, more please!” (via)
45. special operation (via)
46. The Never Ending LEGO Climber (via)
47. Padres fan makes incredible foul ball catch while holding baby (via)
48. Transportable rainbow. Moscow (via)
49. This guy spotted the exact same type of car he has a hotweels for… goes out and puts it on his windshield as a gift (via)
50. ☁️ led cloud ceiling ☁️ (via)
51. シェルダーマカロンができるまで
52. Rammstein – Sonne (Alexandr Misko) (via)
53. somewhere along the way, we must learn that there is nothing greater than to do something for others…

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