WIN Compilation June 2019

Summer arrived in Germany and after months of complaining about how cold it is we now finally are able to complain about it being too hot – yay! Speaking of “hot”: Here we have the hottest 58 clips of the last month packed into one gorgeous compilation of over 11 minutes length. Hope you like it!

Enjoy & share!

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Originals can be found here:

01. I think my mom found the best use for this new filter 😂
02. Girl Jumps Like Showhorse (via)
03. The Announcer CATCHES The Foul Ball While On Call (via)
04. Loving our new hood 😂 I mean WTF!??? 😂 (via)
05. Billiards Player Shows Off Amazing Tricks
06. 360°-vinyl-roundabout in Lyss, Switzerland (via)
07. WILL IT PHASE? (via)
08. Michiiiiiii
09. Hot Wheels Xylophone (via)
10. Beautiful Cloud Waves Plume Over Mountain || ViralHog
11. Star Wars Cantina Band w/ Maple on the Drums (via)
12. This baby trying to make Beatbox with his father is the funniest and most tender thing I’ve seen in a long time😂😍 Adorable
13. 24 Colours Acrylic Flip Cup – Amazing Abstract Painting (via)
14. Bentley Ultratank. Первый выезд. (via)
15. Drawing two portraits with both hands simultaneously for the tv show Galileo (via)
16. Fox Cubs Play On Trampoline (via)
17. I made a GIANT NINTENDO SWITCH… with storage for my video games! (via)
18. Is It Just Beach Volley If There’s No Ball? || ViralHog
19. Shoe Eats Chips (via)
20. I Made Giant Chicken Nuggets And Fries For A Competitive Eater • Tasty
21. Robot Makes Perfect Omelette || ViralHog (via)
22. WEB-12 Functional Thread Shooter (via)
23. McHive – the world’s smallest McDonald’s (via)
24. Rapid, Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance with an Event-based Camera (via)
25. Otter-ly Adorable || ViralHog (via)
26. Pizza challenge (via)
27. 4 Watermelon Slicers Tested and Ranked (via)
28. Honey in space (via)
29. May the Fourth forecast 2019 (via)
30. Men’s 400m Hurdles – 2019 SEC Outdoor Championships
31. Working paper piano / действующее пианино из бумаги (via)
32. Bitch, I’m a bus (via)
33. Dublin Acid Trolley (via)
34. The SOUND of Millions of Monarch Butterflies! (via)
35. DIY 7 Speed Gearbox (via)
36. Upstate NY bus driver saves child from passing car (via)
37. Shredding Paper with Lego Gears (via)
38. Eis am Stück (via)
39. Hi-Tech – Ampel in Singapur (via)
40. If you’re having a bad day, watch this(:
41. ⚠️Fury Road ⚠️ Any questions? Any physics doubts? (via)
42. How to bag wheels. (via)
43. when animals are kinder than humans 💖🐳 (via)
44. Automatic closing of a door with a tape measure
45. Danny Macaskill: Danny Daycare (via)
46. Disappearing Rubik’s Cube || ViralHog (via)
47. Guy Does Handstands On Dumbbells (via)
48. Workout at the gym. (via)
49. how to hypnotize a chicken with one line 2019
50. Instruments imitations on guitar (via)
51. I wouldn’t want to come up against this good girl at Jenga 👏 (via)
52. Lad Jumps Through Hoops On Merry Go-Round
53. Mesmerizing Moving GhostKube Sculpture || ViralHog
54. ✨⚔️MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU ⚔️✨ (via)
55. Neil Elliott’s Moonwalk to Reverse Backflip – Never Been Done! (via)
56. Tetris on Flip-Dot Display (via)
57. Watch My Cousin’s Reaction When He Recognized Me 😂😂 (via)
58. Pub Choir sings Take Me Out (Franz Ferdinand) (via)

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