WIN Compilation May 2019

May makes everything new – except for us not publishing the edition in the first of the month, due to a national holiday in Germany (“Day of work” – so we don’t work!). But here we are! Also: you wanted longer, you get longer. After the last two shorter editions we were digging a little deeper during April and got an astonishing amount of 60 clips and a total runtime of exactle 12:00 minutes for you! Music in the ears of a numberphile and joy for hopefully everybody. We hope you like it? Feel free to leave feedback in the comments (and if you are really reading this, write something about a bowling ball to confuse the others…).

Enjoy & share!

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Originals can be found here:

01. Cat Sleeps Comfortably Over Piano as Owner Plays a Lively Tune – 1034223-1 (via)
02. Zlatan ibrahomovic Motivates A Nervous Kid (via)
03. Just a casual dunk?!
04. Random Japanese guy VS my wife (via)
05. Was man so alles in der Dusche findet
06. Monkey Watching Himself On Instagram & Scrolling thru Videos Like A Boss!! (via)
07. I really have a love-hate relationship with NY. (via)
08. Baby Dinosaur (via)
09. Pull Ups with Inspirational Power || ViralHog
10. Forest Therapy (via)
11. this door sound like evil laugh. (via)
12. Happy Fox makes Funny Noises (via)
13. Sergeant Surprises Son In Taekwondo Lesson (via)
14. Inflating Pahoehoe Lava || ViralHog (via)
15. My sister’s dog saw her using a string to play with the kittens so now he uses it to play with them 😭😭
16. Playing Battleship With Real Ships
17. Woman Has Dance Off With Alpaca 😂 (via)
18. Shaoling Kung Fu Training: Spectacular Display Caught From Satellite | Earth From Space | BBC Earth (via)
19. Taxis in Japan line up in an orderly fashion to pick up passengers (via)
20. Snůška prvního vajíčka a radost čápů | hnízdo Bohuslavice u Trutnova (via)
21. Marble Conveyer Belt Completed! – Marble Machine X #78 (via)
22. me next, me next…… 😃
23. Kangaroo rat defensive kicking of rattlesnake while jumping (via)
24. BIGGEST Wave Kite Surfed by Nuno Figueiredo at Nazare – Hard Rock version (via)
25. How I like the sound! Here’s the video of Quadra-D with flat squares… this one has very natural movements 💫 (via)
26. Six-Eyed Sand Spider Buries Herself || ViralHog (via)
27. Sport Utility Cycle—Throttle Out Preview Episode 6
28. Sowas nennt man wohl einen subtilen Hinweis 😁😁
29. The LEGO® Civic Type R (via)
30. This pit crew. This double-stack! 🔥🔥 (via)
31. Etch-A-Snap — A Raspberry Pi powered Etch-A-Sketch Camera (via)
32. “Video |
33. “Video |
Osterfeuer anzünden”
34. Drivers Ed with drive by wire from motor to power steering #CircuitCubes and #LEGO (via)
35. Saw this guy in London today! He did such a great job. (via)
36. Al Mapei Stadium, se lo spettacolo in campo vi annoia, potete tranquillamente passare il vostro tempo coltivando l’hobby della pesca (via)
37. How is this even physically possible?! (via)
38. [PRIO 1] Agent met humor doet sirene na! (via)
39. Chronos Ring – Bullet time array of 48 high-speed cameras (via)
40. “Spinat!
Macht stark!”

41. threading GIF (via)
42. Contact Juggling | Magical Crystal Ball Illusions (via)
43. dressage at its best! (via)
44. Amazing Dumbbell Art
45. “Video |
46. FedEx guy stops to make shot (via)
47. Egg Clock (via)
48. Rainbow maker (via)
49. Guy Covers Width of Swimming Pool in One Huge Jump – 1034399 (via)
50. How Ballet Dancers Work Out || ViralHog (via)
51. If You’re Happy and You Know It, Then Say Meow! || ViralHog (via)
52. Making a Rover For My Kid 2: Taking it for a spin! (via)
53. Mush, Spot, Mush! (via)
54. Reversing skills (via)
55. The Lying Robot || ViralHog (via)
56. Pikachu Behind the Wheel || ViralHog (via)
57. LEGOで柱を登るアイデア集。ノボルくんZEROとマイナーチェンジ【むにむに】 (via)
58. Wir MOTORISIEREN den LOOPING – SCHAUKELSTUHL! | Akkuschrauber als Antrieb! (via)
59. Woman Desperate for Toilet uses Dog to Get In Public Bathroom (via)
60. GAME OF THRONES Bellagio Fountain Show (via)

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