WIN Compilation APRIL 2020 Edition | Best of March

Our last video feels like ages ago and for certain the world has changed since then. We hope, you’re all safe and well, keep a clear head and practice social distancing. Maybe we can get you distracted from this whole pandemic thing for about 12 minutes and are able to show you that not everything is bad these days. At least 63 good things did happen within the last month, so let’s enjoy these and get through this situation together! ❤️

Enjoy & share (and don’t forget washing your hands with soap)!

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01. Il Teatro Nazionale serbo suona “Bella Ciao” in videocall (via)
02. Precautionary self isolation can be fun❗️ (via)
03. Where are my gamers at?! (via)
04. Cats and Domino (via)
05. During Quarantine, Couple Tries the Horse Trick || ViralHog
06. “Effusion” Final LIVE performance (via)
07. Extreme Trial training at home with Toni Bou (via)
08. floor is lava – STAY AT HOME PARCOUR (via)
09. i thought twitter deserved to see this video of a chameleon washing its hands
10. Making CARDBOARD Air Force 1s, Then Wearing Them In NIKE Store (via)
11. Dog eats in high chair – Cooper Rodden (via)
12. I’m bored (via)
13. The adventure continues! 🐧🐧
14. Danish people singing “You’ve got a friend” from their windows (via)
15. Residents at Bryn Celyn Care Home in #Maesteg, Wales have been keeping themselves entertained and active during tough times by playing #HungryHippos! (via)
16. His favorite place is his bed (via)
17. I made a Talking Book | Stop Motion Experiment (via)
18. SELF ISOLATION by Rob Wakefield (via)
19. Hi there! I’m Cortana! (via)
20. Mario Kart Stunts (via)
21. In order to keep moving, this sports instructor in Seville teaches from a roof. (via)
22. Auch in dieser schwierigen Zeit gibt es pure Lebensfreude. Der erste Weidegang unserer Kühe. (via)
23. Dog Shows Boy How to Use the Trampoline || ViralHog
24. We Built the World’s Largest Air Hockey Table • This Could Be Awesome #8
25. TAMBURO MECCANICO XXI – [Electro-mechanical rhythm machine] (via)
26. たぶん世界一薄いサンドウィッチ (via)
27. Toilet Paper Splitting Machine (via)
28. Police in Mallorca Spain – Ni andalucía ni valencia (via)
29. [재업] MINIATURE [미니 카메라 만들기] 라이카M10. [ENG SUB]Making a miniature camera LEICA M10 (via)
30. When your granny is your ghost producer (via)
31. Day 10 (via)
32. Yo ho Yo ho a quarantine’s life for me! (via)
33. Wood Carving – TOYOTA Land Cruiser V8 2020 (New Version) – Woodworking art (via)
34. #tiktoк #foryou #fyp #vireal #magic (via)
35. The New Humans Have Arrived!!! (via)
36. Ghost Ping Pong
37. An Israeli man walks his dog via drone (source: Facebook) (via)
38. Gymnastic’s Coach Prevents an Injury || ViralHog (via)
39. Anche #Agrigento #restaacasa. (via)
40. Just got sent this video from a friend who is a doctor! <3 Ingenious! (via)
41. Confinement J+5, Marie s adapte, pas facile pour nous !! 🤣🤣 (via)
42. Look what these kids did with Arduino. (via)
43. Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc. (Stylophone cover) (via)
44. Homemade Screw Tank Test Drive (via)
45. Parkour Guy Hits Again With A Backflip At A Terrifying Height (via)
46. How to make a Lego CAKE (via)
47. Penguins going down stairs
48. This is a mood 🐢
49. Talented Artist Draws Using Both Hands At Same Time (via)
50. Snow blowing Unicorn takes on Michigan snowstorm (via)
51. In a day or twOoOoOoOoOo. Take On me – a-ha
52. So, schnell mal was gebastelt, um die nächsten 14 tage gut rumzubringen 😬🍻💪
53. OVER TIME – Sammy Carlson (via)
54. Social Distancing Flipbook…Hi Stranger (via)
55. Ronnie Mac Visited My House and Attempted the World’s Most Legendary Pond Gap… *BALD EAGLE BOOTER*
56. Theft Management with a Splash || ViralHog (via)
57. Weird Bike with Invisible Wheels (via)
58. You know. I’m something of a dj myself. (via)
59. Super Mario Bros. Theme on 2 Credit Card Machines (via)
60. スケボーで遊ぶ文鳥5 (via)
61. 😂
62. Lonely Day on FLOPPOTRON
63. When you got no game at the #StaringGame but your animal enrichment is on point. (via)

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