WIN Compilation JULY 2020 Edition | Best of June

Another first of the month! This not only means that you have successfully manage to live through another twelth part of 2020, you also get to see a new video of ours. After the reupload debacle of our June Edition YouTube doesn’t seem to like us that much anymore, hopefully we can at least partly make up for that with these 51 with love selected clips from the last weeks that make around eleven minutes of entertainment for you.

Enjoy & share! And stay safe! ❤️

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01. Game Console Startups on Piano *ULTRA REALISTIC* (via)
02. Adım Adım Guinnes Dünya Rekoruna Doğru. (via)
03. Once In a life time basketball Trickshot
04. ❤️Manchmal sind es die kleinen Dinge, die eine große Wirkung haben. 😍
05. Manramp “Return of the Ramp” Episode 1 (via)
06. Concierto para el bioceno (via)
07. This took almost ALL DAY but wait till the end to see if you can figure out what I was going for
8. Hot Wheels High Jump (via)
9. Umbrella Cockatoo Entertaining Himself
10. Georgia Tech deploys SlothBot in Atlanta Botanical Garden (via)
11. La empresa Holandesa Yalp ha sido la encargada de instalar este tipo de cabinas llamadas Fono. (via)
12. it’s called the Shepard Illusion (via)
13. Szuperhős az MVK-nál (via)
14. Game console sounds on guitar | The PlayStation 5 startup sounds SO COOL! (via)
15. The office Arnold Schwarzenegger edition (via)
16. XXL LEGO Go-Kart! | Test Drive Mk 1 | #4 – Mantis Hacks (via)
17. Practicing against the wind
18. Episode 3 The big plant part 1 (via)
19. SAND DRAWING ROBOT (new version) (via)
20. Stop-motion dance video with 1,400 pieces of paper cut (via)
21. Lada-walker: we fitted legs to a car! (via)
22. Roomba Brings Woman A Glass Of Wine
23. Un clip avec un peu de level pour changer
24. What’s inside the World’s Largest Toilet?
25. #Oaxaca | #Cuenca Filmkamera Compañeros de Alexander lo despiden, mete su último gol. (via)
26. Africa by Toto on Musical Tesla Coils (via)
27. Awesome iOS Widgets concept (via)
28. Another shot of one of the triples I hit off the mini tramp! (via)
29. Can Wild Parrots Solve Puzzles?
31. How to make a piano from popsicle sticks that actually sounds good (via)
32. Hungry, hungry…Husky?! (via)
33. I’ve been throwing my trash wrong (via)
34. I’m a stencil 💧 (via)
35. Just in case you missed it. Here’s the girls being reunited with Mummy after 9 weeks of being away so she could help save lives. (via)
36. Mixing All My 1000 Oreos Into One Giant Oreo!
37. Like father like son
38. Neue Erdgasleitung am Rande von Mönchengladbach bei mir umme Ecke
39. No Look, “Thats Cash” , Straight🔥🔥 (via)
40. Prairie Dogs Kinetic LEGO Sculpture
41. Stickmatch (via)
42. Styrofoam box jumped back into the van… Twice ! (via)
43. The band had to stop and let him flex 😄🙌🏽 (via)
44. Thursday Night Seventeen Raccoons (via)
45. When you think you’ve seen it all…. (via)
46. HAPPENING NOW In the skies over Halifax, Canada. (via)
47. World’s Best EXTREME POGO Riders (Beyond Slow Motion) (via)
48. 🎩 İftiharla sunar. @KPBofficial
49. 🌞🐠🌴 (via)
50. God only knows (via)
51. Cat Capsule Hotel | Kittisaurus

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