WIN Compilation AUGUST 2021 Edition | Best videos of the month July

This month we have 49 fresh clips for you that should brighten your day for at least 10 minutes. Which one did you like best? Let us know in the comments! And you’d help us a lot by liking the video. THANKS!

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01. Guy Lands Golf Shot Hitting It With Skateboard While Driving a Bicycle
02. Bird Singing Rihanna “Monsters” Like a Star
03. Bam Bam Sticker for a client from Moncton, NB 🙂
04. Делали так?😜 (via)
05. Cat Climbed Her New Custom Self-Made Playground to Reach Her Toy
06. Two People on the Terrace Under Umbrellas as It Rains
07. Guy Bolts Through a Custom Made Challenge Track Like a Breeze
08. Guy Sleeping On the Beach With “Flip Me When You See the Smoke” Sign
09. #fyr #on #fup
10. Guy Nails the Fantastic Gymnastics Game
11. Chicks Hop in Toy Car Before Getting Pushed While Someone Imitates Horn Sound
12. Girl Throws a Giant Glowing Paper Airplane From the 46th Floor
13. Guy Lands a Full Court Basketball Throw
14. Los jóvenes son el futuro de nuestro país 😂😂😂😂 (via)
15. $ npm install (via)
16. 1 in a Million Bottle Flip
17. Burned the bottom of your pizza? Don’t worry
18. Catch taken by harleen deol yin yesterday match between Indian w and England w It was a great catch (via)
19. Can’t Help Falling In Love. Song by the very cool @acoustictrench who you need to check out. (via)
20. Cool Musical Sound Effects on Different Instruments #shorts (via)
21. Chocolate Statue of Liberty! (via)
22. Did Fernando Tatis Jr. double jump?? (via)
23. Flight of the Bumblebee played on a Hairdryer and Melodica
24. Golden Bathtub Rolls Out Onto A Balcony (via)
25. Full-scale pocket Pikachu icing cookie ‖ ICING COOKIE OF POCKET PIKACHU #shorts (via)
26. Hows this for a strike from Alessia Mazzola Our third goal in yesterdays 3 1 victory over @Treat (via)
27. Ho-ly shit (via)
28. I have been practicing my saxophone at a park every morning and this squirrel has become a fan. (via)
29. Japanese basketball robot wows at half-time of USA-France game 👀 (via)
30. Lego GBC – 05 Basketball Player Roulette (via)
31. Lucas’s 3 pointer in the final of the 16’s Swansea 3v3 tournament Lächelndes Gesicht mit herzförmigen AugenLächelndes Gesicht mit herzförmigen AugenLächelndes Gesicht mit herzförmigen Augen
32. Making the Endobike (via)
33. Robot Vacuum Grabs Me a Beer (via)
34. Piano Darth Vadar RC Animatronics by Danny Huynh Creations. (via)
35. Spider-Man: Miles Morales Mask With MOVING LENSES! DIY (No Electronics)
36. The Game You Can’t Fail (via)
37. The Greatest Golf Shot in YouTube History. (via)
38. Morphing Fractal Engraving Vise Jaws (via)
39. The Simpsons OST (acapella) (via)
40. The Yutani Chainsaw Trike Run. RC Animatronics by Danny Huynh Creations. (via)
41. Water simulations running on my large flip-digit kinetic display (via)
42. Working LEGO Bicycle (via)
43. World Record Domino Robot (100k dominoes in 24hrs) (via)
44. Wow (watch more than a few seconds) (via)
45. 【公式】新宿東口の猫、クリアな音声で喋ります (via)
46. اى الي بيحصل دا 😲😲😲 (via)
47. 羊毛フェルトで作る猫(茶トラ/白) ”Japanese Cat /orange tabby and white ” The process of making with wool felt
48. Johnny Cash- Ring Of Fire Gayageum ver. by Luna (via)
49. Shepherd Gives Goats Stylish Haircuts

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