WIN Compilation APRIL 2022 Edition | Best videos of the month March

This is one of the longest WIN Compilations we have done so far! 66 of the best clips from last month put together in nearly 14 minutes of high-class entertainment. We even spared you a lame April Fool’s joke like adding voiceover or something silly like that… 😅

CORRECTION: 0:35 is NOT Mark Hamill but imitator Fluke Skywalker (he got us there… 🙈)!

Enjoy & share! And stay safe! ❤️

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01. Guy Throws a Frisbee Into a Hoop From One End of the Gym to the Other in Front of 450 Kids
03. Indiana Cheerleader Saves The Day 😭 | March Madness (via)
04. Robert Meets Fluke Skywalker (please turn on CC) (via)
05. Belgian Malinois Easily Jumps Over a 6.5 Foot Fence From a Standstill
06. Ski Patrol Help Little Boy Across Pond During Season Tradition | Helpful Heroes (via)
07. we gotta human rooster in dis class
09. Getting in sync with @koreanair B777-300er at @heathrow_airport 🦅
10. Dog Playing Hide and Seek With Owner as It Stands Behind a White Curtain
11. Famous Cartoon Music on Different Instruments! (via)
12. Give her a raise immediately (via)
13. Girl Solve a Rubik’s Cube While Juggling a Football in Less Than 18 Seconds
14. Peak male athleticism
15. This is everything i needed to see from the internet today 🤣 (via)
16. Small but Smart Dog Uses a Guy’s Knee as a Stepping to Jump Into a Vehicle Following Other Dogs
17. Trombone in an empty swimming pool sounds crazy. (via)
18. I remodeled a video deck to watch Netflix (via)
19. Precious Dog Loves Riding Her Scooter Around the House as Owner Films
20. SKATING ON A TREADMILL! Man Tries Out Bizarre Skateboard Trick (via)
21. Precious Blacknose Sheep Rushes to Owner for Pets as It Licks Her Hand Then Runs Back
22. Lego Mindstorms Plotter (via)
23. The Scorpions have changed their famous line “Follow the Moskva down to Gorky Park”to “Now listen to my heart, it says Ukraina.”
24. 川崎重工 「RHP Bex」人が乗る #2022国際ロボット展 #irex2022
25. The accuracy of this fountain is so satisfactory
26. there is talent here, we just need to support it
27. Baby Meets His Puppy for the First Time as He Smiles and Puppy Sniffs
28. Guy on a Bike and Wearing a Helmet Jumping Over a Small River
29. DIY Crystal Geyser Style Miniature Bottled Water (via)
30. Guy Playing Guitar While Doing a Human Foot Flag on a Pole
31. My hair for international women’s day
32. I Made the World’s Most POWERFUL PC Fan. (via)
33. She was called to the clinic to see if the dog they found was hers (via)
34. I built a LEGO vacuum that sorts your bricks! (From The Office)
35. Two Dogs Waiting for the Boys to Come From School Patiently in the Street
36. Guy Ice Skating During the Majestic Sunset on a Frozen Lake
37. Thousand join peace demonstration in Budapest, Hungary
38. Welcome to Tijuana, Con el coyote no hay aduana. (via)
39. Scar Tissue (Red Hot Chili Peppers) on Guitarlele – Luca Stricagnoli (via)
40. WILD VIDEO: Pigs fight off bear in New Milford (via)
41. Circular breathing! (via)
42. Telephone Rhythm Machine ☎︎ (via)
43. Ice Circle 2022 (via)
44. A man did a lil hop on the sidewalk perfectly. That was beautiful, dude, just like an avenge! (via)
45. Another remarkable example of tool use in ants: fire ants “paving” sticky surfaces. (via)
46. Adam Savage’s Head-Mounted Dart Blaster! (via)
47. Emek, alın teri ve başarı el ele yürür. 👏👏 (via)
48. Crazy Rocket-man: ACME Jet engine Skateboard. (via)
49. ◜( ´͈ ⚓︎ `͈ )◝ こんな感じかなぁ♡ (via)
50. Making Lego Cars Climb Walls (via)
51. Really smooth skateboard rolling (via)
53. Retroescavadeira JCBB 4CX descendo no córrego(JCBB 4CX backhoe loader going down stream (via)
54. Black cat sings Blues (via)
55. Only in Holland (via)
56. SPAGHETTI #Nonna (via)
57. Sunisa Lee UPGRADED Near Perfect Bars Auburn vs Kentucky 2022 9.975 (via)
58. So many of you asked for this, so here u go (via)
59. The World’s Fastest Cup & Ball Trick🥵
60. This cow show us direction (via)
61. Time-lapse of ship locks at the Three Gorges Dam. (via)
62. This is the real reason Bach wrote pedal solos, right?
63. Welcome to my personal hell
64. 📼🤵🏻#miniature #videostore (via)
65. Ukrainian military band plays ‘Don’t worry be happy’ in anticipation of Russian offensive in Odessa (via)
66. My brother has a new toy

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