WIN Compilation JANUARY 2022 Edition | Best videos of the month December 2021

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 🎉 How do you like our adjusted design? For our yearly color we went with Pink. A lot of people suggested purple, but we already had violet a few years back and wanted to have something fresh – but pink is kinda the young and fresh kid of the purple family, right?! Thanks to Garth of Oor’Tael and HydrogenAlpha for suggesting it!

Everything else stays the same for 2022: These are the best new clips we found over and have been published in the last month. 54 fresh clips that add up to 10:44 minutes of entertainment. Not the worst start, right?!

Enjoy & share! And stay safe! ❤️

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01. TNT (via)
02. Guy Skateboarding and Juggling Same Time on a Rainy Day
03. When Sonny waves at you ⚽️😍
04. Footage of Huge Crowds Couple of Minutes Before the Santa Run
05. The great Gatsby cheers scene (via)
07. Cat Watching “Secret Life of Pets” While Leaning Comfy in Cat Chair
08. triciclo a vapor (via)
09. Francis and his big red ball 🔴
10. When your friends say “you don’t know the Santalorian “, prove them wrong . 😝
11. Dog Enjoys Sliding Down The Staircase
12. Guy Using Cat to Pickup Toilet Paper From Toilet After It Tossed It in There
13. Personal Amusement Park Ride (via)
14. Jumping over trees never gets old🌳✈️
15. Diamonds of Fontainebleau (via)
16. Hydrogen powered HALO Energy Sword (via)
17. I Made This Crazy Clock! (via)
18. Surgeon in London performing remote operation on a banana in California using #5G!! I #shorts (via)
19. Will Borland hits a 9 nine dart finish & blows the roof off the Alexandra Palace (via)
20. 3D Printed Christmas Bottle Opener (via)
21. Another Boring Day With Dave Simpson (via)
22. Ameca Teaser (via)
23. 1926 model snow tractor (via)
24. White Christmas – Theremin & Voice – Carolina Eyck (via)
25. パカっとパーカーでペンギンズ🐧 (via)
26. Bounce 4 times in a row (via)
27. CHALLENGE | Use Compass To Draw Many Drawings On One Sheet Of Paper
28. Epic World’s Smallest TV (via)
29. Glass Armonica (spinning glass bowls… that break) (via)
30. Happy Friday courtesy (via)
31. Blending into the background GIF (via)
32. Graffiti artist CHES showin how beauty is in the eye of the beholder…just with one can of #molotowpremium and a time limit of 60seconds (via)
33. I compiled my best and favorite reloads! (via)
34. GREEN GOBLIN!!! (via)
35. Just a simple scratch jam. (via)
36. Ich liebe das Internet für sowas. (via)
37. I Draw Like A Printer LEVEL 3 – Spider Man VS Venom 2
38. “Magical Rifle Magazines” (via)
40. Inventor cuts his summer cottage island loose – ice carousels to the next level! (via)
41. Just #InTheMood … for a little prancing! (via)
42. Ms. Fitz threw a Hail Mary and promised all the 3rd graders hot chocolate if she made the shot. Well, God was looking out for her … 😉 🙏🏽 (via)
43. Quốc Cơ Quốc Nghiệp lập kỷ lục mới chồng đầu bước lên 100 bậc thang trong vòng 51 Giây (via)
44. just witnessed an ice cream man’s funeral and all the ice cream vans came and followed in solidarity (via)
45. Real Halo Ghost (via)
46. When you want to play banjo but only have BASS (via)
47. The Strange Gravity (via)
48. This Trick Shot Is Next Level! (via)
49. WATCH | Video Of Man Painting ‘Diesel’ On Fuel Tank Goes Viral Amid Pollution Concerns (via)
50. We Put a Gigantic Rocket Motor in a Christmas Tree (via)
51. When they say you have too many strings (via)
52. Smart dog helps his human move tires, and figures out how to carry four tires in one bite (via)
53. EMINEM & DR.DRE ON BANJO GUITAR (Forgot About Dre) – Luca Stricagnoli (via)
54. Little Horse Having a Soapy Bath and Chewing Toy

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