Win-Compilation October 2019

Autumn is approaching fast but we have some late-summerly feelings in store for you. 59 awesome clips from last month make our new October Edition. Over 12 minutes of high quality entertainment – we hope you like it? Is so, feel free to like and share the video, subscribe to our channel and/or become a patron and get to see our new compilations before everyone else or even be mentioned in it!

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Curated by and wihel.

Originals can be found here:

1. 🥁System Of A Down – Toxicity with MINIATURE DRUMS🥁 (via)
2. Breakdancing Doggy Joins Performance || ViralHog (via)
3. Forest in Austrian stadium opens to public with environmental message (via)
4. Midweek slump cured ☕️🙌🏻 (via)
5. My boy just flip on em popo 👮‍♀️
6. Octopus Dreaming (via)
7. MOST EPIC BULLSEYE EVER! (10 Pallet Skips!!)
8. Watch this awesome droid orchestra! – LEGO Star Wars™ BOOST Droid Commander (via)
9. Baby Crocodiles sound like Galaga (via)
10. Incredible Exoskeletal Mechanical Dinosaur Costume (via)
11. This Lip Sync Rendition of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody Will Leave You Speechless (via)
12. this is walter, a labrador from sicily. rumor has it he loves the sea (sciu89)
13. Spaghetti Mayhem (via)
14. Translucent Deepstaria Jelly Whorls With Resident Isopod | Nautilus Live (via)
15. Self-Solving Rubik’s Cube (via)
16. Animal sounds on violin imitation on guitar (via)
17. Which camera angle do you like the most? Infront or behind. (via)
18. Z-Pong
19. Drone Flies Through Narrow Canyon
20. iPod Stopwatch ticks over from 99,999hrs 59secs to 100,000hrs. What will happen? (via)
21. Mood-swings (via)
22. Kanye West’s “Flashing Lights” on a circle piano (via)
23. Cyberpunk 2077 inspired custom LASERGUN (via)
24. The making of the LEGO beehive (via)
25. 30,000-ton bus terminal moved horizontally in Xiamen, China (via)
27. Spotify on a Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner (via)
28. Students Successfully Create and Test a Mini Roller Coaster for School Festival – 1068920 (via)
29. Thunderstruck [AC/DC Meets Beethoven] – Peter Bence (via)
30. Pocket Trebuchet (via)
31. 8-bit Mario in Real Life – Stop Motion (Director’s Cut) (via)
32. One of the most beautiful videos I’ve ever seen💞🔉
33. A robotic bird inspired by a herring gull wowed the crowd at China’s annual World Robot Conference (via)
34. 🅰️ Avengers: Endgame. 💰⬇️ But it’s low budget. (via)
35. Capo total. (via)
36. Car Air Vent spins at CRAZY SPEED (via)
37. Chris Blanden – The Godfather with a drill (à la Mr Big) (via)
38. Catching a strangers phone on roller coaster (via)
39. DIY Articulated Wings from PVC Pipes (via)
40. Dog looks at its owners then looks away (via)
41. Don’t you hate it when this happens? 🙃 (via)
42. FASTEST ONE HANDED ROLL EVER!!! Gravity Blast on Buckets | Chris Harris Bucket Drummer (via)
43. I am guessing this awesome chair was at a festival in the desert (via)
44. I’m not crying, you are! (via)
45. JENKEM – Matt Tomasello in “Rodney Mullen on Bath Salts: Round Three” (via)
46. Marble Machine Pant #10 – Triple sides (via)
47. More Parkour Atlas (via)
48. Rose falten leicht gemacht (via)
49. Snap, Crackle and Pop amplification cereal bowl (via)
50. Social Media Is Falling In Love With These 2-Year-Old Besties Who Race To Hug Each Other (via)
51. The World Record for Flying 2,018 Drones At Once| Folsom, California
52. video Formule na dálnici D4 na Příbramsku pátrání po řidiči i svědcích (via)
53. A lesson I needed to learn years ago
54. Wibmer’s Law – Fabio Wibmer (via)
55. Jellyfish shot (via)
56. Yes ‘keeper… FUCKING HELL. YES ‘KEEPER.
57. Why every parent should own a nanny cam
58. Canon’s incredible 3D capture of All Blacks try vs South Africa (via)
59. Trees Get Trimmed by Live Power Lines || ViralHog (via)

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