WIN Compilation October 2017

As the nights get longer our monthly compilation does as well. For the October Edition we got 54 clips with just about eleven minutes of pure entertainment for you! That is even longer than Twitter messages will be… 😉

Enjoy & share!

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01. 4.69 Rubik’s Cube World Record | Patrick Ponce (via)
02. Exercise class (via)
03. Vegamálun GÍH (via)
04. Eskalation an der Kaffeemaschine – Neulich bei Game Two (via)
05. Tick tock kit kat (via)
06. Nipple-Stabilized Ski Video (via)
07. Smart bird opens door (via)
08. This guy is an actual magician (via)
09. Accumulation (via)
10. Heat Activated Hair Colour (via)
11. Almost 600 Border Collies Gather in Attempt to Break World Record (via)
12. Laser Socks! CDG Anniversary Party (via)
13. Guy nails every accent (via)
14. ADA at IPARK MUSEUM of ART (via)
15. Dog Umbrella Dance (via)
16. Son hears Dads guitar for the first time (via)
17. Shredding Giant 15 Pound Gold Slime – The Sound Is So Satisfying (ASMR)! (via)
18. Watch: Incredible dancer spins over 100 times without stopping (via)
19. WTF Is That?: Video Of An Afghan Hound Underwater ¿? (via)
20. Final Flight Clear video (via)
21. Nunca lo había visto (via)
22. DOOM running on a phone running on Unreal Engine 4 (via)
23. Dog Sings Ave Maria (via)
24. Viral Video UK: Geese bodyguards help a hedgehog cross road (via)
25. Building A Massive Rubik’s Cube Sculpture (via)
26. 6 Raft Stack (via)
27. Tyler the creator just turned a zebra into a BMX bike. (via)
28. I took my son to the fair and he had fun (via)
29. Man in Canada asks bears to leave yard in an extremely polite fashion. “Hope you enjoyed my yard! Have a good day!” (via)
30. Baby boy laughs hysterically at light being blown on and off. (via)
31. Determined Dog Opens Sliding Door (via)
32. Distracted George is a good George (via)
33. Downhill Roller-carting (via)
34. Guy performs Breaking Bad Escape During Police House Raid (via)
35. hell yes (via)
36. Ickywaterbugs (via)
37. Is this the longest manual on a street skateboard ever? (via)
38. LEGO Lawn Mower Kinetic Sculpture (via)
39. Mommyyyyyy! (via)
40. Optical Illusions #2 (via)
41. Parcour Part 2 (Road to Olympics) – Andri Ragettli (via)
42. Parrot doing cup flip (via)
43. Perro se roba una empanada en plena entrevista (via)
44. Rocket Bicycle World Record ǀ 333 km/h (207 mph) ǀ Rider: François Gissy (via)
45. Sand liquefied (via)
46. Seagull Thievery (via)
47. Speedy Turtle (via)
48. When the gym is empty! 😂😂😂 (via)
49. The biggest Snail you ever see 😱😱! (via)
50. The Sound of Australia (via)
51. Wer kann cooler das Licht ausmachen als dieser Trainer vom Exeter City Football Club ? (via)
52. 신호등 지키는 고양이~으아~이럴수가? (via)
53. Despacito but it’s played on two calculators (via)
54. Polly Wants A Cracker – Nirvana (jables version) (via)

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