WIN Compilation December 2017

Ho-ho-ho! Winter is coming and as an early present we got you the final WIN Compilation of the year. The 49 best videos from the last months in just about 9 minutes – isn’t this the best first door an advent calendar could possibly have?!

Enjoy & share!

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Originals can be found here:

01. 1000 Page Animation Machine, page by page – ( Music by Sofi Tukker – Drinkee (via)
02. Cockatiel tap dancing on a box (via)
03. Dropping And CATCHING A Paper Airplane At 2,000 Feet! (via)
04. Rally del Rubinetto 2017 – Strettoia di Prelo – Show & Little Crashes (HD) (via)
05. Lars Andersen Turning Arrows Episode 2
06. This lady dropped her hat, and Houston came in clutch to get it back up to her (via)
07. These ‘Reverspective’ paintings are mind-boggling (via)
08. Timelapse Video Shows ‘Ocean’ of Clouds Lap Over Colorado Springs (via)
09. Domino World Record Show – 500,000 Dominoes – World of Art (via)
10. 2 wingsuit flyers BASE jump into a plane in mid-air. | A Door In The Sky (via)
11. Epic Dad Save
12. Ireland Fans In Copenhagen Outside Victoria’s Secret – Denmark vs Ireland (via)
13. Freistoß wie Thomas Müller: Geniestreich von John Liebelt! (1. FC Union Berlin U16) (via)
14. Liquid Sand Hot Tub- Fluidized air bed (via)
15. Jumpers Take to the Sky For World Record Formation Skydive (via)
16. Stunting Grandma Pulls Up In A Candy Painted SUV! (via)
17. Hairy Potter Quidditch Flow (via)
18. Star Wars Parking Restrictions Crawl (via)
19. Water Bottle Flip 2 | Dude Perfect (via)
20. 12 year old bboy Grom at Groove Session 2017 ► .stance (via)
21. Jets Dancin while Buffalo figures out a play (via)
22. Largest gathering of people dressed as Wally/Waldo – Guinness World Records (via)
23. Interesting slo-mo on the road (via)
24. A remarkable Jacobean re-emergence after 200 years of yellowing varnish (via)
25. Augmented Human (via)
26. Levitating pumpkins! Halloween science (via)
27. Pipe Guy VS Techno Hobo: the lost footage (via)
28. Riding Electric Skateboard on Abandoned Railroad Tracks (via)
29. Rocket Powered Birthday Cake [short version] (via)
30. When Cars Fly: Trump 2020? (via)
31. 4-Mation carousel 2: Fish eating Fish – a 3D Zoetrope (via)
32. Alexa. All lights on. Petra the African Grey controls the Amazon Echo & turns lights on. (via)
33. ANYmal Using an Elevator (via)
34. Cavs half time “German Wheel” performance (via)
35. Döntetlen a megyei rangadón: Felsőtárkány SC – Eger SE 2-2 – 2017.10.31. (via)
36. Gas Cylinder Loading Like a Boss (via)
37. Guy can speak turkey (via)
38. Teamwork makes the dream work (via)
39. Lambo drivers don’t need to pay parking
40. Man Makes Huge Leap Over Road (via)
41. Digger swing fling (via)
42. Roomba Rodeo (via)
43. Fan is dreaming Big (via)
44. two bikes are better than one . Michael War and Motetetio01 test new tandem (via)
45. US Army Honor Guard Rifle Expection with close-up audio [EXCLUSIVE] (via)
46. The best parenting hack ever (via)
47. What’s new, Atlas? (via)
48. Шок!!! Вот это везение!!! (via)

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