WIN Compilation October 2016

Because of the German Reunion holiday the October Edition is published today (we had to drink beer and eat bratwurst 🙂 ). But here you go – your dose of awesomeness has arrived! 47 new clips in just about eight and a half minutes.

Enjoy & share!

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01. I just died in your arms tonight, Cat.
02. 100 Plus Excavators Dismantle Overpass Bridge in East China
03. 신랑 밥챙겨주는 아내 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Her husband forgot to bring lunch.
04. ADO Den Haag fans geven zieke kinderen een knuffelregen in De Kuip
05. When Your Pet Kangaroo Is Your Best Friend..
06. This Dad is Ecstatic About his new Light-Up Sneakers (Storyful, Feel Good)
07. Guy Moonwalks Across Europe
08. GoPro Awards: Chicken Sonata
09. Space Invaders with Drones
10. Laguna Pool Drop 2
11. Snail Slides Over Dog’s Nose
12. My Car Plays Light Jazz (and I play along)
13. FASTEST SKATEBOARDER EVER! 89.41 mph/143.89 km/h – Kyle Wester
14. Blind chicken Mumble gets eyes!
15. GoPro Awards: Slackline the Moai Tower
16. Königliche Wachablösung im Tütü
18. World’s most chilled Koala
19. 5 Awesome Tricks with Lighters
20. [HOONIGAN] Ken Block’s GYMKHANA NINE: Raw Industrial Playground
21. Amazing Jump Rope Skills
22. Beer save
24. Breaking the Mold with her little Skateboard!!
25. Cat Loves Electric Toothbrush
26. Chicken EDM
27. Class goes wild after student WINS them an A-grade by sinking impressive long shot
28. Deer Goes for a Morning Skip Across a Beach
29. Driver stops to let a cat cross the road using zebra crossing
30. Dronesurfing
31. Extreme Slam Dunk Show on Speeding Train | Dunking Devils
32. Flaschenwurf von Marco Verratti.
33. Flexible Guy Bends Over
34. Friday fun at the office: Climball battle!
35. Funny Reacts To Motorbike Race
36. Funny Roomba Cat!!! Rides roomba hoover like a boss!
37. Guy Riding An Ostrich Through Traffic
38. Guy solves Rubik’s cube blindfolded in record time
39. Metallophon 22
40. How To Retrieve a Balloon from High Ceilings
41. King Titus Vape: Artist Residency
42. Lions Cubs vs Little dog
43. Liquid Militia | T-Rex Steals Jet Ski And Does Insane Tricks With Mark Gomez
44. Longboard Hand Stand
45. Man Carry A Fridge On His Shoulder While Riding A Bike
46. Watch: Zach McAllister Kick Save + Spinning Catch
47. The Floppotron: The Final Countdown

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