WIN Compilation December 2016

The last WIN Compilation of the year is here! This time we put together 53 splendid videos for you in just under nine-and-a-half minutes. This is the best way to relax before the big and hectic race for christmas presents and all the stuff that has to be done before the end of the year.

Enjoy & share!

FYI: Ads and this stupid Infobox-“i” are NOT FROM US. We don’t make a cent out of it, these are from copyright owners of the clips we put together for you.

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01. Bayern-Fans in Eindhoven nach dem CL-Spiel! (01.11.2016) PSV EINDHOVEN-FC BAYERN MÜNCHEN
02. The Evolution of Stunts with Damien Walters
03. Charlie the Parrotlet Practices Color Sorting
04. Bike balancing 200m high up – Fabio Wibmer
05. EPIC Dessert Sushi Roll – How To Make Sushi Series
06. IMG 8161
07. Pony and I dancing to Sia
08. אי אפשר להפסיק לצפות בהצלה המטורפת של יבגני
09. 脅威の弾道が天井に消えた! 大谷翔平の規格外二塁打! 【Shohei Ohtani hits ball through the roof at Tokyo Dome】
10. ZHANG ZE | Chinese Master Of ZIPPER
11. 003
12. Biggest Crashing Waves Ever Filmed?!
13. Arena Security shows off his dancing skills at Amur game
14. Empty Nest Chickens Band
15. No brakes, fire extinguisher, 180 bar under the saddle..
16. Incredible makeup illusion by Mirjana Kika Milosevic
17. Power Drill Foosball
18. This dog just won the Mannequin Challenge
19. Jürgen Klopp-Doppelgänger
20. 筑前町 巨大わらかがし ドローン動画 11月03日
22. This burger bun is stuffed with exploding cheese
23. MINI PB&J!!!
24. Science Bob’s Film Canister Gatling Gun
25. Giant Snowballs Appear on Siberian Beach
26. Giant Sushi Roll By The Sushi Chef Institute
27. The Flying Frenchies Surf and BASE Jump From a Zipline
28. The World’s Tallest Cow
29. Alpha Jetman – Human Flight And Beyond 4K
30. AOL Youve Got Mail Guy Is Now An Uber Driver In Ohio
31. 4 wheeled vehicle drives up canyon wall
32. Bartender Shows Off Cool Bottle Trick
33. bye
34. Cat whack-a-finger!
35. Cockatoos Make Tools from Different Materials
36. Free Skates are Strangely Awesome 2 (Japan)
37. Highest Bungee Dunk – Guinness World Records
38. Husky Relaxing in Pool
39. I could really use a wife sometimes.
40. When you bring your Mom to a Golden State Warriors game…
41. OSUMB Halftime Show in HD: Superheroes Tribute- Ohio State vs. Nebraska (11/5/16)
42. Polar bear petting dog
43. Popping Air Balloon Underwater In 4K Slow Motion – Warped Perception
44. Razor’s Crazy Cart XL is ____________.
45. Rode my dinosaur to work today
47. Sparen voor later — Centraal Beheer
48. The Future.
49. The safest fingerprint in the world
50. Vape Nation
51. Rubik’s Cube World Record in Slow Motion
52. Человек и собака на переходе
53. Echo/Google Home infinite loop

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