WIN Compilation November 2017

60! As our special late Halloween candy we present to you a beautiful montage of sixty awesome clips ins just about eleven minutes. Feast on this, our little monsters.

(And can you find the little video we missed to scale? 😉 )

Enjoy & share!

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02. 😲 WAS FÜR EIN TOR! @RaphGuerreiro ist zurück!
03. Here’s a video of a polite cat (via)
04. octopus kites (via)
05. Curta Santa Catarina em FoTos e fique bem informado! (via)
06. Tom Moscrop crazy full court shot!! (via)
07. Bird Dancing “I Like to Move It, Move It!” (via)
08. [VIRAL] Chicken farmer laughs like a chicken – RTV Noord (via)
09. Dog Spells Her Name! (via)
10. Dieser Typ hat aus seinem WG-Zimmer ein Bällebad gemacht. (via)
11. Lucy skateboarding (via)
12. Mr. September (via)
13. Polite Rat Wipes Face with Napkin (via)
14. Fidget spinner spinning in space!
15. T-Rex Family Waits for School Bus (via)
16. Amazing Control Of An Australian Stock Whip (via)
17. Adorable Pigs and Pug Enjoy Trolly Ride While Shopping (via)
18. So our gate at Nola Southwest required everyone who asked a question to sing (via)
19. Ripley Loves to Fetch (via)
20. Superheros with Killer Dance Moves (via)
21. Adorable Raccoon Tries to Catch Rain Drops (via)
22. If Pep Were an American Football Coach. (via)
23. Let her rip (via)
25. How to Make GIANT Lego Man Costume from Cardboard (via)
26. Here’s my Halloween costume! (via)
27. Live’s Halloween 2017: Kelly & Ryan as Kelly & Ryan (via)
28. LEGO Mini Chocolate Machine (via)
30. Remarkable video shows how a 200ft lorry turns sharp right on a narrow Highland road (via)
31. The mechanics of history by Yoann Bourgeois (via)
32. My digital comic passion project Protanopia is done and in the app store now!
33. Сat eat corn with the owner (via)
34. The new rap god – lil Tofu (via)
35. A very persistent brat (via)
36. Airport employee dancing on the tarmac (via)
37. Amazing Slinky Tricks (via)
38. Best Penalty Kick EVER !!! (via)
39. Boy Honks After Swallowing Toy Horn (via)
40. Chinese Chef Egg trick (via)
41. Cockatoo and dogs bark at each other (via)
42. Dog with the longest tongue – Guinness World Records (via)
43. Groot costume with 3 year old daughter as rocket. (via)
44. High school volleyball player makes an absurd flying save (via)
45. how to start a conversation (via)
46. It’s apple season (via)
47. This Halloween costume is brilliant! (via)
48. Who says you need two legs to be a good skateboarder? (via)
49. Look at my horse my horse is amazing (via)
50. magic trick – pineapple turns into dog (via)
51. NYYC 2017 1A Finals 1st Place – Evan Nagao (via)
52. recorde mundial Rope jump 245 pessoas (via)
53. Snake Dancing to Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Proud Mary (via)
54. How did he manage that? 😳 Unbelievable skills 🙌 (via)
55. Teamwork at its Finest (via)
56. This Experimental Edition of Fahrenheit 451 is a Real Page Burner (via)
57. Viral Video UK: The ultimate hidden drinks cooler (via)
58. Тетрис на Газель Некст секретная функция от разработчиков ) (via)
59. VOLTAK beat-boxing in Sydney, Australia (via)
60. MUST SEE!!! “This Is Halloween” Light Show 2017 (via)

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