WIN Compilation January 2017

Happy new year! We are back with a new edition, a fresh look and one “k” more than this rubbish Klan. 4K, folks! Okay, this might only make our new logo and a hand full clips be seen more beautiful and crispy, but that’s worth it, isn’t it?

Enjoy & share!

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1. Fans at a hockey game go crazy for a little kid; boo everyone else (via)
2. Conveyor Belt Hero (via)
4. fantastic goal Alejandro Camargo A O’Higgins 04/12/2016 (via)
5. Diving Into a Creepy Mud Puddle of Death (via)
6. R2D2 Steampunk Teapot – AWEme Artist Series (via)
8. African grey mimics the “okay google” noise (via)
9. Lalah the climbing kitty at bouldering gym BOULBAKA2 / ボルバカ2 ララ店長 (via)
10. Life-Size GIANT T-Rex Dinosaur made of Balloons – COOLEST THING I’VE EVER MADE EP9 (via)
11. m&m’s Dissolving in Water – 4K (via)
12. Dog loves ticklish fringe (via)
13. Working LEGO Piranha Plant (via)
14. Amazing 583-Foot Basketball Shot | Harlem Globetrotters (via)
15. Dashcam: Police Officer Helps Speeding Student Tie His Tie (via)
16. Make It Real: BOOSTED “SNOW” BOARD (via)
17. Russell Westbrook SICK Shammgod and Pass for 22nd Assist | 12.17.16
18. Something Something National Conversation (In 2 Characters Or Less) / Infinite Newsfeed (via)
19. Icy Lighthouse December 2016 – St Joseph, MI (via)
20. Crossing A River in Somaliland (via)
21. The Cat Ark (via)
22. GoPro: Dunes – Sand Skiing in Peru (via)
23. Incredible spiraling Christmas tree (via)
24. Onuaku sinks first career free throws underhanded (via)
25. The Downward Spiraling Helix with an HO scale model train and K’NEX (via)
26. Most lit candles on a cake – Guinness World Records (via)
27. Make It Real: Batman Grappling Hook Gun (via)
28. Introducing Liftware Level (via)
29. THE 11,000 DOMINO COLOSSEUM (via)
30. Small revving single-cylinder engine from paper (via)
31. BREAKFAST – Flip-Disc Display System (via)
32. 2 Year Old Hankster Skiing His First Powder Day!!!! (via)
33. Tom Holland Debuts First Official Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer (via)
34. Atari 2600 Emulator in Minecraft
35. 2016 Johnson Family Dubstep EDM Christmas Light Show (via)
36. “METHOD-1” manned robot project by “Korea Future Technology” (주)한국미래기술 & Vitaly Bulgarov – 3 (via)
37. All The Small Things by blink-182 on a Kalimba (via)
38. Subway Control. (via)
39. Beautiful Christmas Display near Jupiter, FL (via)
40. Blooming Marshmallows in hot chocolate (via)
41. Christmas With a Twist… Finland’s Got Talent 2016 Winner! | Antton Puonti takes on John Lennon! (via)
42. Corgi Rides (via)
43. Crusoe the Dachshund Having Fun in the Rain! (via)
44. Fail win (via)
45. GoPro: Jesper Tjäder`s Loop from Supervention II (via)
46. Gotta Go At A Moderate Pace (via)
47. Happy Tail Jack Russell Bella loves her TV…. (via)
48. Hoverboard Snowplow (via)
49. Oscarine Masuluke Wonder Goal – Baroka F.C. vs Orlando Pirates (via)
50. Riding a bicycle is so fun! (via)
51. Shotgun Guitar played and SHOT by Rev. Peyton (via)
52. Tricky – Ball is Life Mannequin Challenge (via)
53. Wait for it! Amazing Dominoes with Bricks! (via)
54. Wooden Mech Hands (via)
55. Имперский марш на палочке (via)
56. Christmas Car Ride with Motoki (via)

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